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Published on October 5th, 2012

A selection of recommended books currently in print which Chaps and Chapettes might find to their liking.

SLAP AND TICKLE by Tom Cutler. Every chap needs a bit of a Slap and Tickle in their lives. This raunchy book covers in detail the titillating subject of sex, examining its effects on literature, language and infamous public figures throughout history. Available from Amazon.co.uk

BLEAK EXPECTATIONS by Mark Evans. A witty and creative novelisation of BBC Radio 4’s hit comedy series. Bleak Expectations is the novel Dickens might have written after an over-indulgent night of gin. Available from Amazon.co.uk

PONCKLE THE CAT PAINTER OF ST IVES. A collection of paintings and memoirs by the late eccentric artist mother of Gustav Temple, edited by her two sons and featuring photographs of Mr. Temple as an infant. Available from Cat Paintings

ALL IN A DAY’S CRICKET by Brian Levison. Cricket: a true chap’s pastime. This is a top-drawer selection of the very best and most intriguing writings on cricket, ranging from the 18th Century to the present day. Available from Amazon.co.uk

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