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Published on April 19th, 2013

Following increasingly plaintive demand from the dishevelled of French cuff, The Chap Cufflinks are back with a dapper new design.

Discreetly displaying the iconic Chap logo with an even more discreet “C” behind it, the Chap Cufflinks are a subtle manner of displaying one’s Anarcho-Dandyist allegiances, in a world where many men don’t even wear shirts anymore, never mind whether the cuffs are fastened or not.

For those who wish to keep their reading matter and their politics to themselves, we have also produced a range of cufflinks displaying one’s allegiance to the moustache or the pipe. But please don’t feel that these wrist adornments are substitutes for the real thing; we advise the nude of upper lip to think of moustache cufflinks or lapel badges as a precursor to the cultivation of real face furniture, and the pipe cufflinks to be the first step on the road to becoming a fully fledged devotee of the briar.

View the entire range by visiting thechapmagazine.co.uk/shop/adornments

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