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Published on July 8th, 2016

The Chap has produced a new pocket square to commemorate the 12th Chap Olympiad, which took place this year on Saturday 16th July in Bedford Square Gardens, Bloomsbury, London.

This handsome article of essential breast pocket decoration has been printed on silk twill, hand stitched and emblazoned with the Chap logo and a flag that used to represent a member of the European Union.

Measuring 15 inches along each side, the Chap Olympiad pocket square has enough coverage to spill effortlessly out of a fellow’s breast pocket, and the silk is stiff enough to guarantee lack of floppage when positioned in any of the myriad folds a gentlemen uses for his pocket squares. It may be inserted roughly points facing down, resulting in an enigmatic emergence of a 1940s head from one’s pocket, or upside down so that four points of a union jack flare proudly from one’s tweed, worsted or even linen jacket pocket, on summer days.

The dress code for the Chap Olympiad does not specifically require one to wear this particular pocket square, but the absence of any colour sprouting from any breast pocket is always frowned upon.

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