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Published on July 8th, 2016

Light The Olympic Pipe

That incorrigible ukulele-toting, rhyme-popping, bon-mot uttering chap hop superstar, Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer, composed a special new song for the Chap Olympiad in 2012, “Light the Olympic Pipe”, which he showcased during his live appearance at the Chap Olympiad, during the historic year of the British Summer Olympic Games.

Mr. B has been purveying what he calls “Chap Hop”, essentially a combination of Grandmaster Flash, Noel Coward and George Formby, all delivered in the laconic tones of one also familiar with the works of Stephen Potter, for a number of years, and has released a number of long playing gramophone recordings, some of which are available in the Chap Shop.

This year’s Chap Olympics took place in Bedford Square Gardens, London, on Saturday 16th July 2016.

Light, Light The Olympic Pipe
Whether you’re a heffer or a grim sick type
Your dignity, may it be redeemed in our field of pleasant dreams
Light, Light The Olympic Pipe
Better you’re a heffer than a thin fit type
Your dignity, may it be redeemed in our field of pleasant dreams!

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