#TheChapMag New Am I Chaps Sought

New Am I Chaps Sought

Published on September 12th, 2016

Despite the obvious grammatical turpitude of this post’s title, we are indeed seeking fellows, ladies, babies and even animals who wish to present their photographs for inspection by our team of sartorial experts.

If you have a new haircut whose accuracy you wish to confirm; a new twirl to your tache, an inherited tweed jacket which you have paired with an old pair of britches, or perhaps an outfit assembled from old hosepipes, The Chap is here to help you decide whether to continue in sartorial splendour, or cease and desist instanter.

The new email address for submissions is chap@thechap.co.uk

The photo shows Darek Bell, who features in the Am I Chap? section of the latest edition. To view previous submissions, visit www.thechap.co.uk/category/am-i-chap

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