#TheChapMag From JFK to Trump: A Degradation of Style

From JFK to Trump: A Degradation of Style

Published on January 27th, 2017

As the sensible world settles down to four years of mayhem, madness and appalling outfits in the form of the new incumbent, an American colleague of The Chap looks at the sartorial elegance of John F. Kennedy, providing a detailed search through the former president’s immaculate wardrobe.

Use the link below to access the story. In the meantime, further shock revelations have come to light about how ill-prepared Mr. Trump is for office. A photograph has emerged which shows clearly that he is using Sellotape to fasten the back of his tie to the front. This is presumably to allow the president to wear his necktie with the tip hanging some six or so inches below his waistband – an unprecedented length for any man, let alone a US president.

John F Kennedy never wore his tie so low over his waistband – not that anyone would have been able to measure it anyway, since Mr. Kennedy always kept at least one of his jacket buttons fastened, as is proper.

Read in more detail about JFK’s clothing BAMFStyle.com

6 Responses to “From JFK to Trump: A Degradation of Style”

  1. Cavor says:

    Was it not Mr Kennedy whose failure to wear a hat signalled to the great unwashed that one need not cover one’s head in public? A great sartorial loss and an invitation to melanoma.
    Similarly it was Mr Obama whose failure to wear a tie led to the two toned boredom of our streets and omnibuses.
    I’ll not defend Mr Trump’s tie length (nor his tie choice), but at least he wears one.
    Call yourselves Chaps – pshaw.

  2. [...] one of his jacket buttons fastened.Read in more detail about JFK’s clothing BAMFStyle.comSource link Add comment Cancel replyCommentName [...]

  3. ST says:

    It’s sad to see how a magazine that was above politics has become so concerned with Trump.

    • Lou Cyohre says:

      Quite so. The Chap was a refuge from the tawdry world of modern politics and the insidious fascism that pervades us. Now, however, it seems to have nailed its political colours to the mast. Sad, as I was tempted to re-subscribe too.

  4. Bjørn Finbråten says:

    Glad I found this before I signed up for a subscription. Saved me £35.

  5. Suky says:

    The sellotape is cringeworthy, agreed. But the hair! The sight of that geriatric ducktail really is too much to endure. Get thee to a barber, man.

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