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Ask Blowers!

Published on March 17th, 2017

Gentlemen’s outfitters Peter Christian have persuaded cricket commentating legend Henry Blofeld to provide sartorial snippets of advice.

“Ask Blowers” is a new series of video clips hosted by the newly retired Henry, in which he plans to answer all the essential sartorial conundrums that face the modern Chap, from how to tie a bow tie to how correctly to hold a Panama hat. The first clip, to which you can link to below, demonstrates all the important attributes of a decent Panama hat, where it came from, when it is worn and how to place it correctly upon your bonce. Viewers are invited to send in their sartorial questions for Blowers to respond to in the next clip.

The Chap cannot think of anyone more reliable, entertaining and downright eccentric from whom to seek clothing counsel of such a specific nature.

Ask Blowers


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