#TheChapMag The Hats of Cumberbatch

The Hats of Cumberbatch

Published on March 13th, 2017

The actor Benedict Cumberbatch likes to wear a hat.

Some of the roles he plays requires him to wear a hat, while others do not. In between his work schedule, Mr. Cumberbatch is often to be seen sporting a titfer on his handsome head; these have ranged over the years from battered Panamas to unsightly beanies. Yet a man wearing headwear, and trying different styles, is always to be applauded.

The Chap will feature a monthly review of Mr. Cumberbatch’s various choices of headwear, offering supportive comments on whether each particular hat suits him and whether he has chosen the best example of each style for his particular head shape. It is well documented that not all hats look good on all chaps; in fact, some of the most debonair of historical chaps didn’t actually look good in any hat, despite the times they lived in practically insisting that men wore hats at all times. Cary Grant stopped wearing hats early on in his career; Sean Connery wore a pork pie trilby as James Bond and then wisely eschewed headwear altogether. John F Kennedy broke with tradition by refusing to don the top hat at his presidential inauguration, thus precipitating a steep decline in hat wearing in general throughout the United States, matched by a similar decline on this side of the Atlantic, in response to 007 discarding his headwear.

This leaves us ever watchful and vigilant of anyone in the public eye choosing to don the noble titfer, hence our interest in Mr. Cumberbatch.

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