#TheChapMag The Albert Slippery Slope

The Albert Slippery Slope

Published on March 17th, 2017

The Chap usually reports the adoption of a traditional garment in the world outside our stained-glass window favourably, for it often indicates a promising shift in contemporary fashion towards the values we hold dear.

However, when it is a member of Donald Trump’s cabinet showing sartorial élan, our loyalties are ripped asunder, especially as it is so unusual for anyone in Trump’s circle to display anything but tasteless vulgarity when it comes to clothes.

Secretary of State Wilbur Ross attended one of Trump’s speeches to Congress wearing a pair of Albert Slippers. There is nothing wrong with appearing in a public place in velvet slippers – in fact The Chap has always advocated them as an eccentric accessory to Black Tie dress. It’s just that Mr. Ross’s slippers were embroidered with the Commerce Department’s logo, rather than a pair of antlers or a personal monogram.

Mr. Ross has his slippers made by Stubbs & Wooton, an American company based in Palm Beach, Florida, where incidentally the president has an exclusive resort. To be fair, others in Mr. Ross’s collection bear more tasteful designs, such as top hats and, in this photo, some racy spiderwebs.

The Chap always welcomes celebrity endorsement of any item of gentlemanly clothing which may thus enter the sphere of street fashion, but in this case we can only conclude that Wilbur Ross has given the Albert Slipper a bad name.

4 Responses to “The Albert Slippery Slope”

  1. michael Murphy says:

    First of all, Wilbur Ross is not the Secretary of State. You can look it up if you have a minute. Next, you have slandered all in Trump’s “circle” as having “tasteless vulgarity” in their choice of clothes when you cannot, could not, produce a scintilla of evidence to support the slander. Otherwise, chapwise, you are right about the slippers.

  2. Christopher Yeager says:

    Mr.Ross looks perfectly spiffy in his blazer, and khakis, suitable for a country club cocktail party. His Stubbs slippers, seen here, add a lively dash of color, but suggest that they are best only after dark, mostly often at home, and never to Congress, Private dinner parties with close friends and fun chatter is where slippers trod best.

  3. Peter Bongo says:

    Wilbur’s somewhat pained expression is obviously caused by the sudden realisation that he had forgotten to don his matching Stubbs & Wooton fez.

  4. Captain Lachlan Harris says:

    Mr. Ross appears to have raided the foot wear collection of His Holiness the Pope.

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