#TheChapMag Autumn Edition

Autumn Edition

Published on April 11th, 2017

Our Autumn 2017 issue, the second in our new, expanded, quarterly format, is available from 17th August.

In its whopping 164 pages (compared to the previous format’s 72 pages) you will find:
A detailed look at the Bond outfits of Roger Moore and insight into the three tailors he brought with him to Live and Let Die
A tribute to His Rogesty from long-time chum and Sancerre-drinking partner Olly Smith
Decadent Vapours – a Chap’s approach to this frankly unappealing way to consume nicotine
Bee Keeping – the ultimate Chap’s hobby
We Are Dandy – well-dressed fellows from around the globe
Marxism for Chaps – via the works of Paul Lafargue
Eartha Kitt – our deceased Dandizette of the season
Lady Eccentrik – the living embodiment of Chappish charm
Interview with Nickolas Grace, Brideshead Revisited’s Anthony Blanche
Photo Shoot with Laird Hatters around Strand and the Savoy Theatre
Los Pachucos – Mexican street dandies whose Zoot suits got them arrested
Evelyn Dunbar – the only salaried female war artist from WWII
Understanding the Americans – by Tom Cutler
Peter Whitehead interview, director of Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London
Autumn vintage festivals guide, Am I Bond?, Get the Look – outdoorsman, The Butler, Cricket, Grey Fox Column.

The Chap issue 93 – on sale from Thursday 17th August

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