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Brand-new Chap

Published on May 8th, 2017

The Chap is now a quarterly journal at double its former size.

The design has also changed in a way that is more pleasing to the eye and which allows more content to flourish. The extra 72 pages have been devoted to more in-depth sartorial features; longer features on more complex topics such as art, politics, sexual politics and social history. Our main interview in the first quarterly edition is with actor Richard E. Grant, who discusses the making of Withnail and I on the 30th anniversary of the film’s release.

We have deployed the services of a crop of new writers, one of whom went all the way to war-torn Iraq to report on Mr. Erbil, a radical group of Kurdish dandies. Other new areas investigated include Rational Dress, a women’s clotting movement that tied in with the suffragettes; a guide to buying antiques from Michael “Atters” Attree; a review of the new Eric Ravilious exhibition; John Le Mesurier’s lifelong devotion to cricket; Tallulah Bankhead’s lifelong devotion to bourbon, women and cocaine; Captain Matthew Webb, the first man to swim the English Channel; drinks writer Olly Smith on birdwatching in an Aston Martin; a new feature on dandiacal youth tribes, starting with the Parisian Zazous of the 1940s; am introduction to anarchism for chaps from a professor of politics.

Sartorial coverage includes a column from Grey Fox Blog, a column from a nonbinary Chap, an interview with dandy designer Joshua Kane, a photo feature on retro-stylish new fashion label Simon James Cathcart, polo shirts, Hutton Desert Boots, workwear and knapsacks, plus a feature on Chester Cordite, the tailor bringing film noir suits back into style. We also introduce our brand-new vintage events guide, covering every chap-friendly vintage festival taking place throughout the summer, with a ticket competition for one of them. There is also a cryptic crossword with a specific sartorial theme. All this plus regulars Am I Chap?, The Butler’s sartorial advice, Chap News and The Lip Weasel.

The Chap, Summer 2017 edition, price £5.99. Order your copy by credit or debit card here

9 Responses to “Brand-new Chap”

  1. John arent says:

    Do you only accept PayPal?

  2. The Chap says:

    You can also purchase the latest issue by credit or debit card from here: https://subscribeme.to/thechap/back-issues/2017

  3. I remain, as always, cautiously optimistic.

  4. STEVE JENKINS says:

    Hell I’m so looking forward to read my next issue of this great gentlemans periodical I was wondering if there will be any article about Gentlemen motorcyclist I’m a motorcyclist and think that as a Chap I like to think that not all motorcylist aren’t long haired or scruffy individuals many thanks for your consideration over this. Steve

  5. Old Chap Reader says:

    The Cover …a simple No. That’s just a step in the totally wrong direction. Please find a Graphic Designer who has always enjoyed reading the magazine and wishes to continue enjoying it, to redesign it more sensitively and in tune with its contents.

  6. Victor H. says:

    The new format is, on the whole, an immense improvement. In particular I like the new section on politics, and read with interest the section on anarchism. It’s good to see Chappism returning to its leftist roots! However, I am dismayed to see that the cover has been changed to be more generic, imitating the format of other, inferior, gentlemen’s publications. The old style of cover, with their eye-catching text and colours, seem to me to be far more rakish, far more suitable to Chap magazine.

  7. Old Chap Reader says:

    Quite right Victor. The cover is kind of ‘WH Smith fodder’, which is so weird coming from a magazine that has taught us individualism , respecting tailor made VS shelf, to seek out copes of the Yellow Book etc etc. Quite frankly its an embarrassing cover that mimics FHM or other generic gentleman’s magazines. Did the Chap finally pander to the commercial algorithms rather than uphold its own values? Its not too late to change the cover design for the next issue and all is forgiven. Until that happens I am afraid I will have to turn it front face back in my flight jacket pocket or worse still, discontinue and move over to The Idler.

  8. Paul Garvey says:

    What a shocker of a cover. I thought that facial hair and a tie worn with a properly ironed shirt were requirements for a chap. Can you spot what’s missing on this issue’s cover?

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