#TheChapMag Autumn Edition of The Chap

Autumn Edition of The Chap

Published on May 8th, 2017

The latest edition, on sale in all branches of WH Smith, sees the welcome return of our logo to the masthead.

Contents of our newly-expanded magazine, with 164 pages of pure sartorial and gentlemanly intelligence, includes a tribute to Sir Roger from his chum and confidante Olly Smith. Nick Guzan takes a detailed look at Moore’s Bond outfits and concludes that in many ways His Rogesty was the best-dressed Bond. Our Am I Bond? section takes a critical look at all eight contenders for the role, once the unimpressively dressed Daniel Craig has departed.

The new tome by Chap writer Nathaniel Adams, We Are Dandy, is excerpted, with profiles of six international peacocks, including Barrio Dandy, whose Pachuco influences are examined in a separate article on this stylish Mexican youth tribe of 1950s Los Angeles. Darcy Sullivan takes a trip to Paris to meet two dandies following the principles of Le Manifeste Chap. Liam Jefferies meets belt makers, tie makers, the LaneFortyFive brand and has a crack at clay pigeon shooting. Our Doctor of Dandyism recalls the stylish singer Eartha Kitt, and we meet Lady Eccentrik, winner of The Chap Olympiad’s best-dressed female award, who is following in Ms. Kitt’s footsteps.

Gustav Temple explores the work of Evelyn Dunbar, Britain’s only salaried female war artist, and books reviewed include Scoundrels, a marvellous new tome by a couple of disreputable chaps set in London’s gentlemen’s clubs, plus books by Roland Barthes and Vassily Grossman. Ferris Newton explains Marxism for Chaps via the works of Paul Lafargue, and we meet Peter Whitehead, director of seminal swinging 60s film Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London. We also spend an hour and four Brandy Alexanders in the company of Nickolas Grace, who played Anthony Blanche in Brideshead Revisited.

All this plus Atters’ Antiques, The Butler’s sartorial advice, a full Autumn vintage events guide, Decadent Vapours, Laird Hatters and our Chap Crossword.

The Chap, Autumn 2017 edition, price £5.99. Order your copy by credit or debit card here

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  1. Matthew Davey says:

    Dear Chaps,

    I am a subscriber to your esteemed publication and eagerly await the satisfying flop of it landing on my hallway floor. However, the autumn edition has yet to arrive. Is it on its way or has something gone amiss??? Every day of late my morning has been blighted with disappointment…

    Regards and so on

    M Davey

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