#TheChapMag Sir Ian McKellen Admires The Chap

Sir Ian McKellen Admires The Chap

Published on May 6th, 2017

An unexpected missive from Sir Ian McKellen revealed a fondness for this humble publication. He described The Chap by saying, “I think your magazine is stylish and a model of its kind.”

The actor has always been viewed by this publication as stylish and a model of his kind; Sir Ian expresses the sort of louche dandyism thought to have disappeared with Peter O’Toole. He always wears some form of suit jacket, often twinned with items that no-one else could possibly carry off, such as animal-print silk shirts, knitted cardigans and even canvas tennis shoes. Hats are very often parts of his ensemble, and we are talking about proper hats that come in hat boxes, not ones with sports logos.

He is also known for his trademark printed scarves, his favourite of which is pictured here. Sir Ian’s views on whether actors should have cosmetic surgery are as uncompromising as his choice of accessories:
“Some people try and look younger in the face but the trouble is, if you’ve had the face done, what about the hands? I once met a nice 80-year-old lady in Hollywood. There was the face of a 35-year-old on an 80-year-old body. I didn’t know whether to flirt with the face or help the rest of the body up the steps… It’s a dreadful sort of ego and arrogance to think ‘All that’s wrong with me is I need a little tuck here and I’ll be back to what I was’. No you won’t, because your mind is older. Your experience makes you older and if your experience is expressed in your face, what’s wrong with that?”

The Chap couldn’t agree more, as long as the subject’s dress sense evolves over time, and old age is never seen as a period to give up on being sartorially daring and experimental. But without dressing like a teenager.

3 Responses to “Sir Ian McKellen Admires The Chap”

  1. Athelstan Popkess says:

    I could not agree more with the veritable Sir Ian, I adhere to the “face like an unmade bed” look as once sported by the dear departed John Hurt. It is a sign of a life well lived

  2. Captain Lachlan Harris says:

    Peter Bessel, the late Liberal MP, had a face like a badly tasselated pavement. Sir Ian pulls off the look much more successfully.

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