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Published on May 7th, 2017

The 13th Chap Olympiad, on Saturday 15th July, was universally agreed to be one of the best ever.

The dappled sunlight, filtered through the trees of Bloomsbury, shone on a most splendid array of outfits, which ranged from Byronesque Turkish national costume to 21st century Steampunk and everything in the sartorial decades between.

This year saw the introduction of eight new events, all of which were embraced by contestants with their usual unsporting gung-ho and sartorial fastidiousness. The Oddjob Challenge was our opening event, in which the head of James Bond had to be knocked off by a spinning bowler hat. Other new events included Louche Libre – a chappish version of Mexican wrestling that paid more attention to pairing a wrestling mask with a straw boater than any actual grappling. Riding Crop Rumpus proved an unsurprising crowd-pleaser, especially with two saucy nurses on hand to tend to any injuries. Tie Versus Cravat gave the more athletic contestants a chance to show off their creativity by twirling a hundred neckties at each other.

The Chap would like to thank Laird Hatters for supplying the winner’s gold, silver and bronze hats; www.simonjamescathcart.com for providing silk neckerchiefs for the best dressed awards, and www.camdenwatchcompany.com for supplying one of their watches for the winner of Tea Pursuit.


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