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Published on May 7th, 2017

The 13th Chap Olympiad will take place on Saturday 15th July in Bedford Square Gardens, London WC1. This celebration of British sporting ineptitude will feature the usual programme of 10 ridiculously unchallenging acts of buffoonery that can barely be described as sports, such as Umbrella Jousting, Louche Libre, Pyongyang Ping Pong, The Oddjob Challenge and Tie Versus Cravat.

Tickets are available from www.chapolympiad.com

This year we are inviting participants to design their own 11th event. Simply purchase your ticket and mull over what particular gentlemanly or ladylike skills are missing from the programme. Then, dream up your event, make a short film of it with some chums and share it with us at www.facebook.com/TheChapMagazine. You may also send your suggestion with or without a video clip to olympiad@thechap.co.uk

The only qualities required for the event by the Chap Olympic Committee are that it can be competed in wearing a full double-breasted tweed suit or a pencil skirt, and that it can be won purely on the strength of panache, skulduggery, subterfuge, caddishness and guile.

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  3. Adrian Randall says:

    What a glorious event to behold. One should also consider button versus cufflink and beard versus moustache or even a pipe smoking contest. All carried out in the finest tailored cloth and top quality grained leather footwear. Hurrah for Chap Olympiad.
    Has one considered a traditional stop me and buy one ice cream trike for the event. If not check out chilly white at http://www.chillywhite.co.uk who offer ice cream service wearing the finest red and white stripped jacket and bow tie and sporting a fine straw boater.

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