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This year sees the nation’s most eccentric sporting event undergo a few radical improvements to its format, to ensure that dandies, flappers and dandizettes enjoy flaunting their well-chosen outfits in an even more conducive environment. Instead of all ten events taking place at a given hour on our raised Olympic track, six events will now take place simultaneously around the splendidly verdant grounds of Bedford Square Gardens. So competitors will be able to flit from hurling cucumber sandwiches to attacking each other with umbrellas on bicycles, in between lubricating themselves with the finest cocktails, wines, champagnes and Pimm’s.

Guests at the 13th Chap Olympiad will also benefit from more even ridiculous sports than ever, at which to apply their very limited sporting skills. As well as our usual roster of Umbrella Jousting, Pyongyang Ping Pong, Riding Crop Rumpus, along with new events, this year The Chap is determined to set some new world records. We have enrolled the services of a new Master of Ceremonies, Ben Shires, who happens to be the presenter of BBC TV’s Officially Amazing programme, and is therefore an expert on setting and breaking world records.

Existing world records we shall be attempting to break at the Chap Olympiad include The Most Hats Worn While Riding a Bicycle and Tossing a Hat on to a Hat stand (yes, incredibly, these world records already exist). New world records we will be inviting our Olympians to set for the first time include Most Ties Knotted in One Minute, Most People Smoking One Pipe and Fastest Sprint Holding a Cup of Tea. All this means that more guests than ever will get the chance to try their Chap Olympic Skills, either in our scheduled events or in breaking world records.

We will of course still be offering the same magical, eccentric, fun-filled, cocktail-shaking day of sporting tomfoolery, specifically aimed at those who are too concerned with correct attire to make much of a physical effort. The most likely skills to succeed at the Chap Olympiad are a flair for skullduggery, a winsome smile and a stout walking cane (to trip up one’s rivals).

Saturday 14th July 2018
Bedford Square Gardens
London WC1

The Chap was founded in 1999 and is the longest-serving British magazine dedicated to the gentlemanly way of life, with its own quirky, satirical take on a style that has recently entered the mainstream.

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