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On Sunday 17th June, fathers across the land will be coaxed out of their sheds to celebrate Father’s Day. This process can be difficult, for the natural inclination of dads is to remain in their sheds all day, pretending to fix lawn mowers while smoking their pipes and wondering whether to grow a moustache. You may think that the obvious father’s day gift is something like a new hoe or an extra-large tin of WD40, but this is a common mistake. Dad already has enough WD40 to lubricate a fleet of Spitfires and he isn’t as interested in hoes as you might think. This is where The Chap comes in. A gift subscription to The Chap will not only keep pater amused for an entire year, with four quarterly issues, but this year he will also receive a free gift that appeals directly to the self image he secretly harbours while wistfully smoking his pipe.
What pater is really dreaming of while he sits in his shed has nothing to do with garden tools or Second World War aircraft, so the best gift you can give him is something that feeds this fantasy. Don’t worry, the chances of his actually eloping with a pretty maiden, a cocker spaniel and a case of Plymouth Gin are highly unlikely, but receiving four quarterly editions of The Chap will keep the dream alive. Take out a gift subscription for Father’s Day and he will also receive a FREE gift worth £25 from our collection of gentlemen’s accoutrements, all of which fathers will enjoy.
Simply type in code FDAY2018 here: Father’s Day Subscription When you take out your Father’s Day gift subscription, his first issue and the free gift will be sent directly to you, ready for you to loiter outside pater’s shed with promises that you haven’t bought him another garden tool that he’ll never use.
You might prefer to purchase him a whole year’s worth of Chaps instead. New additions include our bundle of three quarterly editions plus a free copy of our last bi-monthly issue, along with the Adventurer, Eccentric, Beatnik, Ladies and Introductory Bundles:
Back Issue Bundles

The Chap was founded in 1999 and is the longest-serving British magazine dedicated to the gentlemanly way of life, with its own quirky, satirical take on a style that has recently entered the mainstream.

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