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Chap Olympiad Jousting

Another Triumphant Chap Olympiad

Despite unfathomable weather conditions, malfunctioning trouser presses and a nation in political and emotional turmoil, the 12th Chap Olympiad made its mark on the fields of Bloomsbury on Saturday 16th July. An unexpected heatwave seared through the capital, bringing with it, in equal measure, a burst of enthusiasm to test one’s mettle in Umbrella Jousting, Tea Pursuit and Bounder Hunt, as well as sartorial indecision. Would tweed invoke unnecessary perspiration, disquieting judges who are alert for any signs of athletic effort, or indeed any effort at all? Would linen clash with other linens? Would the dreaded short trousers have to… Keep Reading


Fenella Fielding Video

Watch a video clip of Fenella Fielding being interviewed for the latest edition of The Chap. We sent rogue reporter and editor-at-large Michael “Atters” Attree to meet the eccentric actress, who was an iconic figure in the 1960s and worked with actors such as John Le Mesurier, Leslie Philips, Charles Hawtrey and Patrick MacGoohan, providing the voice for the tannoy in his series the Prisoner. The pair met in the upstairs room at the French House, Soho, where they discussed a broad range of topics, including working with Harry H. Corbett on Carry On Screaming, wearing silk-lined leather gloves, her… Keep Reading

Peaky Blinders

Dress Like a Peaky Blinder

As Season 3 of Peaky Blinders gets under way, so the nation’s fervour for dressing like dapper 1920s Brummie gangsters returns. But don’t expect to walk into Top Man and find a rail of Peaky Blinders clothing (actually do, but it’ll be rubbish). Heed our advice, and you will easily assemble an outfit that Tommy Shelby would be happy to spatter with blood. The most distinctive feature that sets apart the Peaky Blinders from other chaps of the early 20th century is the lack of neckwear. Only Arthur Shelby is ever seen sporting neckwear, usually a bow tie. His brother… Keep Reading

Chap Tweed Jacket

The Chap Tweed Jacket

In our ceaseless quest to dress the nation properly, The Chap has created a tweed jacket for gentlemen, in conjunction with renowned tweed merchants Walker Slater. The Chap Tweed Jacket comes in an all-round shade of bottle green with a classic hacking jacket construction, with a single rear vent, three buttons and a ticket pocket. Unlike a hacking jacket, however, the pockets are straight, not slanted, a feature we considered more versatile and suitable for town and well as country wear. the tweed is a medium-weight Harris Tweed with a herringbone pattern. Walker Salter are an Edinburgh-based menswear company specialising… Keep Reading


Drinking for Chaps

Hot on the heels of Cooking for Chaps, published in 2014, comes an authoritative and definitive guide to getting plastered. Drinking for Chaps is a collaboration between Gustav Temple and esteemed drinks writer Olly Smith. Together they embarked on a magical journey to the heart of each and every type of alcoholic drink imaginable, from cocktails to cognac and everything in between, in order to set out precisely how Chaps should approach each of them. From which particular jacket to wear when sipping white wine, what to nibble with a glass of vodka, how to mix a dry martini, and,… Keep Reading

Patrick Macnee

Rest in Three-Piece

Patrick Macnee, the actor who played John Steed in The Avengers, has died at his California home aged 93. For The Chap, Steed has always epitomised the ideal to which all Chaps should aspire. Both a man of action and a louche bon vivant, he managed effortlessly to combine living the high life with solving impossible riddles set by capricious villains. Steed’s dress code was pure Savile Row gent: he was never seen in shirtsleeves, even when engaged in fisticuffs, and always wore a three-piece tailored lounge suit, coloured bowler, and always carried a whangee-handled umbrella. His unique, though rooted… Keep Reading

Gustav Temple

How to Dress Lecture

Join Gustav Temple on a magical journey into the heart of sartorial splendour, commencing at the Idler Academy. Mr. Temple has created a series of four lectures on how to dress properly, and which include informal dress, formal dress, clothes maintenance and buying bespoke and vintage garments. Assisted by the Chap’s very own valet in residence, Rupert Bell, this series of half-hour lectures is designed to guide the modern gentleman into a way of dressing that is both sharp and original, brushing aside popular misconceptions that dressing in an old-fashioned way is somehow stuffy or conventional. In the Chap and… Keep Reading

Cooking For Chaps

Cooking For Chaps

The Chap, in collaboration with expert cook Clare Gabbett-Mulhallen, has written a cook book aimed at reviving the lost art of British cookery. Cooking For Chaps trawls through the greatest British recipes from the last 200 years to bring you the finest selection of meals to prepare for breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, high tea, dinner and supper. The traditional courses have all been observed, with the addition of helpful advice on pre-dinner cocktails, picnic foods and table manners relevant to the contemporary dinner table. Recipes begin with breakfast, with particular emphasis on breakfast in bed – both the optimistic… Keep Reading


Abercrombie & Fitch Protest

The Chap staged a peaceful protest against Abercrombie & Fitch at midday on Monday 29th September 2014. Some fifty extremely well-dressed Chaps and Chapettes descended on Savile Row to express their distaste at the opening of a children’s ready-to-wear (or ready-to-throw-in-the-dustbin, judging by the manufacturing quality) clothing outlet, on a street which has remained the home of bespoke tailors for more than two centuries. Westminster Council, in The Chap’s eyes, is just as guilty as Abercrombie & Fitch, for colluding with the big American retailer to allow them to convert a listed Georgian building into a gaudily decorated and vulgarly… Keep Reading

Oscar Wilde

The Trials of Oscar Wilde

Following a 43-date UK Tour and sell-out run at St James Theatre, European Arts Company is delighted to announce that The Trials of Oscar Wilde is transferring to Trafalgar Studios for a strictly limited four-week run. The production will open on Monday 13th October, in celebration of Oscar Wilde’s 160th birthday that same week, and will run until Saturday 8th November. A special Birthday Gala performance will take place on Thursday 16th October at 7.45pm (Oscar’s Birthday) with further details to be announced soon. Thursday 14 February 1895 was the triumphant opening night of The Importance of Being Earnest and… Keep Reading

Sir Donald Sinden

RIP Donald Sinden

As a tribute to great British actor Sir Donald Sinden, who died this morning aged 90, we reproduce his last interview, which appeared in issue 69 of The Chap. Michael “Atters” Attree met Sir Donald in his enchanting period house overlooking the wilds of the Kent countryside, to discuss Richard Burton, Lord Alfred Douglas and working with Patrick MacGoohan in The Prisoner. I’m going to start by asking about the 1971 film Villain. I appreciate you’re an excellent thespian but I do love Villain. I was in that! I was playing an MP. That’s right! A very naughty MP. I… Keep Reading

Danny Appreciation Day

Dapper Danny and His Gang

A group of American schoolboys all wore suits, ties and hats as a show of support to a younger pupil at their school who was being bullied for his speech impediment. Danny Keefe, aged 6, has a condition called Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), a motor speech disorder that prevents his brain from coordinating properly with the muscles that create speech. Danny is very intelligent and knows what he wants to say, but the message gets lost on its way from his brain to his mouth, making him difficult to understand. Danny began going to school wearing dress shirts and… Keep Reading

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