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Prince Charles Tailor

Prince Charles’s First Visit to Tailor in 30 Years

The Prince of Wales has paid his first visit to his tailor for 30 years. Since becoming a client in 1982, the Prince has been measured and fitted at Clarence House by Mr. Hitchcock, Anderson & Sheppard’s chief cutter. The Prince likes to see Mr. Hitchcock soon after eight in the morning, “Then it’s not interrupting his day, as it were”. When trying on a half finished suit, he relies on the opinion of his valet as well as his own and that of his tailor. Just before Christmas, Prince Charles paid a personal visit to Anderson & Sheppard to… Keep Reading

Sir Patrick Moore

Rest in Space, Sir Patrick Moore

England’s best-loved and most eccentric astronomer, Sir Patrick Moore, has died aged 89 at his home in Sussex. Much loved for his enthusiastic delivery and extra curricular activities, which included playing the xylophone, writing children’s stories and composing operas, Sir Patrick was involved with BBC television’s The Sky at Night for over 55 years, and its host for four decades. His colourful career began in the Second World War, when he lied about his age to join the RAF, serving first with Bomber Command and then rising to the rank of Flight Lieutenant. During the War his fiancee, Lorna, was… Keep Reading

David Cameron

Prime Minister Pops Out of Starched Shirt

At the Lord Mayor’s Banquet in the Guildhall in London, Prime Minister David Cameron got so carried away with his speech about the financial services industry that he popped all the studs on his boiled front shirt. “Yes, some utterly terrible mistakes were made and they need to be addressed properly so they can never happen again,” Cameron told his City audience, referring to the fact that financial services contributed an eighth of all government revenue during the recession. “But those who think the answer is just to trash the banks would end up trashing Britain. I say recognise the… Keep Reading

James Bond

James Bond Sorts Out Razor Prices

The soaring cost of modern cartridge-based shaving has been debated in the House of Commons. Three members of the DUP criticized the price of men’s razor blade cartridges in an Early Day Motion, stating that “the exorbitant increase in the retail price of men’s razor blade cartridges means that in three years the price has increased in some cases by almost 100%”. An eight-pack of razor cartridges currently retails for approximately £22, making the profit margin for some companies around 1,000 per cent. East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell, South Antrim MP Willie McCrea and David Simpson have backed a Commons… Keep Reading

Barack and Mitt

White Waistcoat Divides a Nation

The U.S. Presidential election became a two-horse race, and eventually it was the two candidates’ approach to wearing white tie that swung the contest in Barack Obama’s favour. He and Mitt Romney were speeding neck and neck towards the finishing line, when one small but essential detail helped voters decide whom they wanted in the White House – the white-tie waistcoat levels of the two candidates for the presidency. In this photograph, taken at the annual Al Smith Memorial Dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York, one can clearly see the difference between the Republican and Democrat approach to… Keep Reading

Salvatore Calabrese

World’s Most Expensive Cocktail

A cocktail maker has claimed to have set a new record for the most expensive cocktail in the world. Mixologist Salvatore Calabrese says “Salvatore’s Legacy”, made using ingredients dating back to before American independence and the French Revolution, will set you back a cool £5,500 per glass. Guinness World Records said it is investigating the claim, which would topple the record holder, a cocktail costing £3,766.52 served in a Dubai hotel. The attempt was made at Salvatore’s, Mr. Calabrese’s bar at the Playboy Club London, with a bar spokeswoman saying: “Earlier on today, legendary mixologist Salvatore Calabrese, also known as… Keep Reading

Eccentric Shopkeeper

The Great Eccentric Survey

Not many years ago, one could visit any town in Britain and be guaranteed to spot at least one eccentric, happily going about his or her business. Dress codes varied wildly, from brightly coloured mackintoshes, hats with feathers and wellington boots, to long flowing scarves, top hats and no shoes at all. A multitude of lapel badges and luxuriant facial plumage was more often than not to be observed. Sadly, sightings of such colourful characters are dwindling. Most British towns contain an endless parade of similarly, tidily dressed people, none of whom feel the urge to make themselves stand out.… Keep Reading


Opera Gets a Dressing Down

The English National Opera, in cahoots with trendy pop musicians and eccentric filmmakers, has launched a campaign to encourage folk to turn up to watch the opera wearing pantaloons de nimes and plimsolls. Damon Albarn’s recent production Dr Dee was a huge success at the ENO and responsible for attracting younger crowds to the opera experience. “Personally I like the ritual of dressing up, but I think people need to know that you don’t have to,” said Albarn, flicking a large speck of dust on to his hoodie and glancing down to ensure that his plimsolls were correctly unlaced. The… Keep Reading

British Beard and Moustache Championships Brighton

Finest British Facial Fuzz Wins Plaudits

The nation’s finest facial fuzz was displayed in Brighton last weekend. More than 200 hirsute competitors took part in the first British Beard and Moustache Championships in Brighton on Saturday 16th September. The day began with a parade through the city towards Brighton Dome, where the judges presided over 11 categories of furry-faced individuals, who ranged from students to doctors, as well as veteran spitfire pilot and notable member of the Handlebar Club, Geoff White. The competition featured eleven categories, including Natural, English, Handlebar and Freestyle Moustache, with beard categories including Sculptured, Musketeer and Natural Full with Styled Moustache. The… Keep Reading

Prince William

Prince Turns Out Topless on Holiday

News desks across the globe are battling with what’s left of their morals, wracked with doubts about publishing candidly taken photographs of the Duke of Cambridge on holiday recently. In the photographs of a smiling Prince in the Solomon Islands, it is quite clear that he is not wearing a neck fastening of any sort. Neither is he wearing any cufflinks, and to cap it all, the top button of his shirt is undone. The Chap has made the brave decision to publish the photograph, in order to highlight the risks of travelling without proper staff to monitor one’s sartorial… Keep Reading

Sean Connery

Tailor Reintroduces the Bond Cut

The Mayfair tailor who made many of the suits worn by Sean Connery in the early Bond films has recreated the cut and made it available to the public. In Goldfinger, Connery wore a lightweight suit with a Prince of Wales check, as well as a barleycorn Harris Tweed jacket, which he wore with a pair of Cavalry Twill trousers. Both the suit and the coat are now available as bespoke items from Anthony Sinclair, now run by David Mason. The two outfits have been released to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the cinema release of Dr. No in… Keep Reading

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