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The Chap Loves

The Chap Loves

Cordings of Piccadilly

An association between a 1960s blues guitar legend and an English country clothing store seems unlikely, but it is just this odd, eccentric twist on the traditional that makes Cordings of Piccadilly unique among its Jermyn Street neighbours. Eric Clapton became co-owner of Cordings in 2003, but that milestone was only one of many in the company’s illustrious past. John Charles Cording opened his first shop as an outfitter and waterproofer in 1839 at 231 Strand, manufacturing and selling mackintoshes developed by Charles Mackintosh. Cordings became so well-known for outdoor clothing that when Sir Henry Morton Stanley was preparing for… Keep Reading

The Chap Loves

Loake Legacy

It is fitting that a shoemaker founded in 1880 brings out a new range, 138 years later, named after that founding year. Loake was set up by three brothers, Thomas, John and William Loake in Kettering, Northamptonshire at the house of Thomas Loake. In 1894 the company moved to much larger premises in Kettering, where Loake still operates today from the Unique Boot Factory. Busy making military footwear during two world wars, the company did not officially register the Loake brand until 1945, earning themselves a Royal Warrant by 2007. Those 138 years have seen many styles emerge from the… Keep Reading

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Hornets Kensington

A fashion photoshoot at Hornets Kensington is not just people with cameras taking pictures of people in clothes. It is an opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of Bill Hornets, doyen of this parade of little vintage menswear shops along a quiet alley in Kensington, where so much more than mere clothes is purveyed. On a sunny day in midsummer, Kensington Church Walk offers a shady old-world thoroughfare, light years away from the architect’s drawing come-to-life of chainstore dystopia that is Kensington High Street. This quiet, Georgian, leafy little quarter of W8 is presided over by shop windows bearing… Keep Reading

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World Cycling Revival

Among a plethora of vintage cycling events, including the Tweed Run, this new event on 14th-16th June at Herne Hill Velodrome, London is being billed as the greatest celebration of the bicycle the world has ever seen. The World Cycling Revival will be a heritage sporting, music and lifestyle festival celebrating 200 years of the bicycle. Taking place in the iconic Herne Hill Velodrome, where the London 1948 Olympics cycling events took place, patrons are invited to wear outfits to the festival in keeping with the period. The centrepiece of the thrilling race programme is The Japanese Keirin Trophy, a… Keep Reading

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What Katie Did

A stocking for every occasion? Well, they haven’t yet brought out a Tweed Seam (The Chap will be the first to inform you when they do) but as a one-stop-shop for luxury hosiery to match any outfit, the ladies at What Katie Did know a thing or two about dressing for an occasion. As well as their huge selection of beautiful vintage inspired lingerie and shapewear (which incidentally makes a wonderful gift to any special ladies in your life), What Katie Did’s Glamour Seamed Stockings are available in a rainbow of colours and leg shades to suit any outfits –… Keep Reading

Ettinger Wallet
The Chap Loves

Ettinger Wallets

You’ve seen him here, you’ve seen him there – that Chap who flows through life like a shark in the water. with barely a ripple. The embodiment of sartorial elegance and purposeful intelligence, an individual so elevated as to be almost beyond envy and beyond desire. To observe him is to sit in the silence of non-description, a drifting veil of unrelieved despair, marked only by a rending within, and the knowledge, the certainty, that you will never be him. And then it happens, an act so everyday as barely to deserve mention, and yet you know that in this… Keep Reading

John Arbon Socks
The Chap Loves

Stockinged Feet

Like the idiot uncle or embarrassing aunt, one’s feet are not for public consumption. Uncovered, they dislodge any sense of dignity, and even on a good day can be mistaken for distended offal. Handsome fellows they are not. And yet, loitering at one’s southernmost extremity, these unsightly outgrowths are integral to a Chap’s upstanding and elegance. One cannot simply cheese-grate them from the scene without irretrievable consequences. Like the mule of yesteryear, they are necessary, yet unloved. Perhaps this is why they only get scraps from the sartorial table? When socks are mentioned as presents, it is done so in… Keep Reading

The Leather Satchel Company
The Chap Loves

The Leather Satchel Company

The first of our homages goes to the Leather Satchel Company. There is a genus of Chap which clings to the disfigured belief that transporting one’s everyday flotsam & jetsam in a carrier bag is both practical and appropriate. It is not. Such malodourous thinking incited the rise of the male Tote Bag – or as your gran called it, a shopping bag. And for the man who utilizes either, or both, articles, these words will have little value or resonance. For any sense of personal dignity has been dislodged by a sartorial death that is black, silent, and terrible.… Keep Reading

Tim Hardy Belt
The Chap Loves


The belt has long been one of life’s great mediators, dealing with the no-mans-land twixt the geographical north and south of one’s anatomy; an undisciplined and lawless region. For the borderland of the loins and lower limbs and the head and torso is a meeting of the emotional and the rational self. Well governed, and the transition between the two realms is seamless, resulting in sartorial equilibrium. Unregulated, and the ruinous hybrid ruptures the normally autonomous category of Chap, leaving a precarious creature mined of the darkest dreams of some rogue taxidermist. And you’ve seen the result: strutting and trilling… Keep Reading

Spencers Trousers
The Chap Loves

Spencers Trousers

To the sartorially fluent, those fellows who seek to populate their wardrobes with clothing of dignity and polish; their finest wishes can often cause the deepest sorrow, if they fail to see the day’s broad smile. For Hope is a formidable habit, and in the mind’s eye of a wayward Chap, awakening dream’s existence struggles to match. Seductive, hungry dreams of apparel cut to such a sparingly elegant ratio one would wish to spend each waking day, and dreaming hour, with them. It cannot last. And neither does one’s apparel. However well made or resilient the cloth, time will come… Keep Reading

Albert Thurston Braces
The Chap Loves


Would the Empire have been half as great without braces? Would the thin red line have held, the battles been won, the treaties signed, the ruled cowed and decorum maintained if, at the decisive moment, a Chap had lost control of his trousers – laying bare, before an unsuspecting world, the lily white and withered shanks of the Englishman. The Empire builder’s Achilles heel. I fear not. It’s no surprise that Braces and Empire reached their peaks in tandem. Shoulder to shoulder they marched into history, all conquering and omnipresent. If a Chap had trousers, he had braces. If he… Keep Reading

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