In collaboration with, we have produced a new digital edition of The Chap.
With print publication of issue 97, Autumn 18, delayed until 10th September, we are publishing the digital edition today, which is available for US $5 and may be purchased from anywhere in the world. Purchase the digital edition by clicking above.
Issue 97 features an interview with New York bandleader, impresario and dapper chap Dandy Wellington, who graces our front cover.
Inside you will also find:
An interview with actor Timothy Spall, who discuses his new film Stanley, A Man of Variety, in which he plays various British music hall and comedy legends.
The Chap Travels: two reports from far-flung places worthy of a chap’s attention: A voyage down the Nile in full vintage regalia, and a stroll around Old Shanghai in the company of author Paul French.
The Chap Dines: the Mirabelle Restaurant at the Grand Hotel, Eastbourne.
Chris Sullivan: former style editor of GQ and doyen of 1980s nightclub The Wag Club reveals how radical it was to wear spats, monocles and cravats in the 1980s fashion scene.
Princess Julia: this icon of the 80s and her status as a dandizette.
We meet “The Godfather of Style” Bill Hornets and photograph his superlative vintage garments in Kensington.
Minimal watches: Liam Jefferies on two British companies paring wristwatches back to their most elegant form.
Grey Fox Column: David Evans dons suitably light attire to travel to Florence for Pitti Uomo and then back to Walsall to visit a leather factory.
House of Nutter: Gustav Temple meets the author of Tommy Nutter’s first biography to discuss the state of Savile Row.
Jack Buchanan: Matthew Lyons on the man once described as the Best Dressed Man in London, Mr. Mayfair, England’s Maurice Chevalier and the Male Greta Garbo.
Olly Smith visits the Sussex vineyard of Breaky Bottom to find out why British sparkling wine is a match for champagne.
Blitz Kidz: Olivia Bullock on the not-so-discreet dandyism that flared up during the early 1980s.
Drifting with Debord: a ramble around modern-day Paris in search of the situationist spirit of Guy Debord.
Author interview: Alexander Larman meets Anthony Quinn, plus reviews of City of Devils, King Con, the Overstory and The Colour of Time.
All this plus regulars Am I Chap? Get the Look, Peacocks and Magpies and The Chap crossword.