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A modest selection of literary tomes from The Chap which are still in print. Other books published by The Chap, such as The Chap Manifesto and Around the World in 80 Martinis, are currently out of print and only available via sources such as Abe Books and Messrs E. Bay & Sons

How To Be Chap

How To Be Chap (2016) is a large-format hardback tome chronicling the entire history of The Chap, from its humble beginnings as a discreet gentlemen’s pamphlet, through all its public protests and demonstrations against vulgarity, to the crowning glory of the Chap Olympiad. Packed with full-colour photographs of all the key members of the Chap fraternity, as well as all the proto-Chaps who have been interviewed, the book offers the most detailed insight into this curious social phenomenon ever available in print. Click on the cover to see a selection of inside pages.

Available from www.gestalten.com

Drinking For Chaps

This incredibly informative and useful book comes from the editor of The Chap, together with wine expert Olly Smith, providing everything you need to know about purchasing, ordering and consuming booze, and even how to deal with its less appealing after-effects. From the mightiest cocktails to the weirdest after-dinner liqueurs, and hauling in rum, whisky, gin, vodka and cognac along the way, Drinking for Chaps will educate both your palate and your after dinner conversation, providing dozens of intriguing anecdotes about the history of alcohol and its most legendary adherents, including Churchill, Amis, O’Toole and Reed.

Price: £14.99

Available in all bookshops and at a reduced price from bookshop.theguardian.com and www.amazon.co.uk

Ponckle The Cat Painter of St Ives

Ponckle The Cat Painter of St Ives was published in 2012 to mark the passing of Gustav Temple’s mother, and contains monographs of her paintings as well as memoirs of her eccentric and exotic life in Bohemian Paris, Cannes and Mallorca in the 1950s and 60s.

UK Price: £10.00

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