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Our musical department contains a modest sheaf of long playing albums by a carefully-selected group of artists, who take the best of earlier musical styles and throw in a few frills and furbelows of the modern musical idiom.

Songs of the Great War

The brand-new long player from “Canadian Nightingale” Patricia Hammond, who pens a regular series of fascinating features for The Chap on vintage music, features a plethora of songs from all sides of the First World War, including If I Were the Only Girl in the World, Pack Up Your Troubles and It’s a Long Way to Tipperrary, as well as lesser-known ditties such as Roses of Picardy and Long Long Trail. Ms Hammond brings them all to life with her lush, silky tones, while Matt Redman provides bespoke musical arrangements for each track, ranging from Palm-court ensemble to Klezmer clarinet and banjo.

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Acid Ragtime

In this longplayer from our artist of the decade (but not this decade), Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer takes on a slightly different guise as The Gentleman Selector, and proceeds to “select” (or “play”) certain tunes that come under the banner of “Chapstep Volume One” – all of which turn out to be composed, or at least performed, by Mr. B himself? Confused? At least it isn’t 1990 and you’re in a club in Manchester with questionable narcotics in your belly. Or are you?

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Issue #91

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