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TweedEarlier this year, three brave, intrepid and immaculately attired chaps set off on an epic 3,000 mile journey across the Indian Subcontinent. This might not sound so remarkable, with today’s efficient transport methods, except that these foolhardy fellows relied not on rail, motor car or internet transfer, but that vehicle in which gentlemen generally move betwixt bordello and bazaar – the humble Tuk-tuk.

Their journey took Edd Rushton, James Kilkenny and Deniz Hassan from the southern tip of India all the way up the East coast and into Bangladesh, via the Bay of Bengal, and into the foothills of the Himalayas. They
stopped to pick up further supplies for their journey from the tea plantations of Assam. To reduce vehicular weight, they limited their cargo to the bare essentials such as gin, tea-making equipment, tweed three-piece suits, cravats, suitable headwear for various terrains, a gramophone player and a supply of evening wear in case they were invited to any formal balls.

Chaps would not question such a noble and eccentric undertaking, but for those who did, the whole remarkable escapade was undertaken to help fill the coffers of a pair of highly commendable charities working in India. Frank Water Projects provide sustainable clean water to Indian communities, and Mercy Corps work with the under-privileged in the Subcontinent.


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