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Soho tailor Tony Lutwyche has launched a sartorial campaign to stop manufacturers labelling products ‘Made in England’ when they have really been made abroad. He plans to petition 10 Downing Street and demands the Government acts quickly to protect the standards and integrity of English tailoring, and other goods, by prohibiting any product not made entirely in this country from displaying the ‘Made in England’ label.

“This week,” said Mr. Lutwyche, “John Lewis was forced to stop selling falsely labelled ‘Made in England’ suits for £350, but the net spreads much wider. Other leading clothing brands are still selling inaccurately labelled ‘Made in England’ suits, leading to the loss of over £3 million per year from British industry.”

The ‘Made in England’ label suggests that the suit has been entirely manufactured in this country, whereas some unscrupulous clothiers have their suits made abroad, then returned home for the final touches. Minor details such as attaching the buttons, stitching the pockets and even sewing in the ‘Made in England’ label are completed here. They can then charge over the odds, because British people like to think they are supporting their own economy.

“The Made in England label promises customers a superior quality product,” says Lutwyche, “and most people simply don’t realise they are fake. Sales of truly home-grown produce strengthen the economy and put money back into the training and maintaining our own workforce.”

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