High Tea over RAF Cosford

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LoopAn RAF Pilot has broken the world record for looping the loop in an aircraft while drinking a cup of tea.

Corporal Stewart Hefti, who recovered from serious leg injuries sustained in Basra two years ago, completed 14 loop-the-loops as a passenger. Flying the plane was former RAF Red Arrows team leader Andy Offer. Due to centrifugal force, the tea does not spill during the loops, and Cpl Hefti landed with his cup of tea still nearly full.

Speaking after completing his record at the RAF Museum Cosford, near Wolverhampton, he said: “When we first took off I was more worried about the tea staying in the cup, but after the first loop I realised it would and I started to enjoy it more. It was only after we landed that I started to feel a bit queasy.”

With help from the Regional Rehabilitation Unit at RAF Honington, Suffolk, Cpl Hefti overcame his injuries and was able to rejoin his comrades in Afghanistan earlier this year. The event was organised by the RAF Association, which helped Cpl Hefti overcome his injuries. During September, a series of fundraising tea parties are being held throughout the UK to raise money for the Association.


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