The One-Armed Cufflink Bandit

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One Arm BanditA one-armed man walked into a jewellery shop in Essex and distracted staff while he made off with a single cufflink. The thief pretended to be looking for a present for his mother, when he knocked boxes of cufflinks on the floor and ran off with one in the shape of a boxing glove.

The gold cufflink from CJ Vinten in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, is worth £120 and police have issued CCTV footage of the thief. Sally Ann Manthorp, who works at the shop, said: “It wasn’t until we watched the CCTV we saw he had an empty sleeve tucked in his pocket.” Police confirmed that a man fitting the same description was acting suspiciously in other shops, so jewellers in the area have been alerted.

The Chap is impressed that this unfortunately disabled fellow seeks to attach his cuffs in the proper manner, but would rather he had chosen a less vulgar design. This proves that cufflinks in themselves are not necessarily the answer to all our sartorial woes. Still, at least he wasn’t stealing a single plimsoll or a single denim trouser.


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