Cameron Shows Caddish Credentials

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David CameronPrime Minister David Cameron revealed a slightly darker side to his character recently, when he emerged from a Tory black-tie dinner at the Carlton Club.

As soon as he was out of sight of the other guests, who included Ken Clarke, Iain Duncan-Smith and Theresa May, Mr. Cameron ducked into his chauffeur-driven car and immediately loosened his bow tie. In the style favoured by cads such as Terry-Thomas and Leslie Phillips, he left the undone bow tie draped over his collarbone.

Mr. Cameron was then overheard saying to his driver, “Right, Hardeep, that’s enough quaffing and waffling for the evening. Let’s head straight over to one of those sordid little drinking dens in Soho. Stop off at the Three Bells and we’ll see if we can’t get a couple of dollies to accompany us. Oh and have you got light for my cheroot?”

Or something of the sort. Our correspondent was far too sozzled on complimentary Party Claret to remember very clearly, and was only hovering near Mr. Cameron’s car in the hope of a lift to Piccadilly underground station.


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