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David CameronPrime Minister David Cameron has caved in to royal protocol and announced that he will, after all, wear a morning suit to the Royal Wedding on 29th April. Mr. Cameron had initially expressed a bizarre desire to wear a lounge suit to the wedding, but this turned out to have been a drunken whim fuelled by too many pints of lager, which the Prime Minister is not used to drinking.

Had Mr. Cameron been quaffing his usual tumbler of Pimm’s at lunchtime, he would not have hesitated to bespeak his tailor to fashion him a morning coat, morning trousers (in grey-and-white houndstooth, grey and white stripes or a Glen check), double-breasted waistcoat (in buff or dove-grey) and white shirt with either a soft or stiff collar. Tradition dictates that he should also wear a grey tie (discreet herringbone pattern permitted). Most tailors agree that the most stylish form of morning coat is the single-button style with peaked lapels. Though given that Mr. Cameron’s favoured Savile Row tailor is Richard James, we can expect the morning coat to be in petrol blue with a shocking pink lining. This would not only be incorrect, but would clash with his black silk top hat – but within the “Big Society”, anything is possible.

Some commentators have observed that Mr. Cameron initially eschewed morning dress out of embarrassment at his Bullingdon Club past, believing that he wished to portray himself as a “Man of the people”. But the reason could be rather more prosaic: to someone of Mr. Cameron’s background, dressing up in a traditional outfit lacks the charge of glamour and social excitement that it may give others: dressing formally is simply a rather tedious chore that reminds him of his schooldays.


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