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BurlesqueHere at the Chap, we like to keep our monocled eyes peeled and our remarkably shapely ears open for unusual opportunities that might just change a chap’s life. And this is one of those rare and potentially frisky opportunities.

This Wednesday, 22nd February, marks the launch of a vintage dating service called The Old Fashioned Dating Company, which creates pre-matched, pre-show events for modern people with old fashioned values. The events will be a throwback to 1930s courting. Old fashioned daters will receive a sealed dating card containing their dating selection for the evening. Each date will be at a different table and has been matched by a person, rather than a machine, based on a questionnaire completed on booking. Old Fashioned Dating will look after the post-event matchmaking, letting guests know who has a mutual liking, so that potential lovers can pursue their positive meetings and see where they lead. This saucy soiree is a preamble to the highly celebrated Burlexe show, a combination of burlesque, storytelling and acting.

Now, Chaps, this is where it gets rather exciting. One of the stars and original cast members of the show, Chloe Ewart, has decided to step into the ring as a genuine singleton whom you can potentially meet and date. Chloe is a fine lady, a feast for the eyes, a stimulation for the brain and a tonic for the soul, as may be observed in the picture above.

And here’s more good news: all ladies’ tickets for the inaugural event have already been snapped up. There will be 25 ladies in attendance and only a handful of gentlemen’s tickets remain; so there is a paucity of Chaps in a room full of chapettes simply waiting to be regaled by witty bon mots and apercus, delivered by correctly dressed fellows with splendid cigarette cases.

Single Chaps already keen to take advantage of the Chap’s new “Lonely Chaps” service, launched in the Feb/Mar edition, might like to saunter along to the Shadow Lounge to try their luck with a captive audience.

Full details: The Shadow Lounge, 5-7 Brewer Street, London W1F ORF, Wednesday 22nd February. Doors open 6.00, dating starts promptly at 6.30, Burlexe show starts 8.00pm, carriages 11pm. Prices: £11 for dating only, £32 for dating and show. Oldfashioneddating.com


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