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Gentlemens OutfittersA discreet directory of shops and online emporia which, in the opinion of The Chap, offer a range of tastefully selected garments and accessories of a high manufacturing standard suitable for the discerning gentleman and, in some cases, his lady companion.

T Snook. This charming shop in Bridport, Dorset, is principally a hatters, with every conceivable (and some inconceivable) style of headwear for gentlemen and ladies. T Snook also sells trousers, blazers, ties, cravats and snuff, all presented in a delightfully old-fashioned and charming manner.

Alexanders of London. An on-line emporium offering ready-to-wear and made-to-measure, with an emphasis on corduroy clothing and chinos. With arguably the widest colour range of corduroy fabrics on the web (some 60+ colours the last time we checked), there is something for every discerning country chap. All of this backed up with friendly and old fashioned customer service.

Henry Herbert. A bespoke shirt and suit makers with a difference in both price and approach; instead of a workshop where one is fitted, a tailor comes to you on a scooter, armed with hundreds of cloth swatches, and measures you in your home or office.

Walker Slater. Started in the Scottish Highlands, Walker Slater’s clothing has been inspired by that tradition: their suit styles for men and women are born of bracingly fresh air, long walks, log fires and peaty single malts. They have branches in Edinburgh and London and also offer a bespoke service.

Elite Bespoke Tailoring
Newly established online shop where you can customise your garment to your exact requirements and they also offer a pattern making service. Elite also offer a large range of ready-to-wear Norfolk, Hacking and City jackets, which they can also construct to one’s exact specifications.

The Chap was founded in 1999 and is the longest-serving British magazine dedicated to the gentlemanly way of life, with its own quirky, satirical take on a style that has recently entered the mainstream.

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