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Am I Chap“My name is Yannick Raczynski-Henk and I am an aspiring chap from the Netherlands. I am an archaeologist, so I spend many of my days caked in mud but even on those occasions I try to live up to the standards of chappism. This photograph was taken in my office on one of those paperwork days that plague us all from time to time. I present it to you, hoping that you will judge me to be on the right path towards becoming a true chap.”

Mr. Raczynski-Henk, we have no idea what these paperwork days are that plague us all from time to time, but we can certainly attest to your being upon the right path towards being a chap, not least by having invested in a bespoke suit (one can tell from the floppy fabric that it is not a vintage item; well-constructed nonetheless). You might have had turn-ups put on the trousers, to co-ordinate better with your co-respondent shoes, but still, an excellent start, sir!

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