Auntie to Axe the Sky at Night

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Patrick MooreOnly a year after the death of Sir Patrick Moore (whose last interview was in The Chap), the BBC is seriously considering pulling The Sky at Night from the airwaves after 56 years on television. It could be as early as December this year when the lights are turned out on the monthly astronomy programme.

Sir Patrick presented the show’s first episode on 24 April 1957, and went on to present a total of 721 episodes until his death on 9 December 2012. His final programme was posthumously broadcast on 7 January 2013.

The BBC should be condemmed for axing an inspiring, educational programme that probably costs as much to produce as one of the costumes from Downton Abbey; yet allowing drivel such as Homes Under the Hammer and Strictly Come Dancing to continue to pollute the airwaves.

To sign a petition urging the BBC to save the Sky at Night, which already has 42,000 signatures, visit


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