New Doctor’s Outfit Revealed

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Peter CapaldiThe BBC has released the first picture of Peter Capaldi wearing the new Doctor’s costume.

Capaldi’s outfit as the Twelfth Time Lord will consist of a dark blue Crombie coat with red lining, dark blue trousers, a white shirt and black Dr. Marten brogues. Lord only knows what costume designer Howard Burden was thinking when he came up with this ensemble, or what he was trying to convey. Mr. Capaldi looks like a naughty schoolboy halfway to being a skinhead, except his mum won’t let him shave his hair off and won’t let him have proper Dr Marten’s boots.

There has always been much speculation within the Chap editorial meetings as to whether the Time Lord should wear brown shoes for country or black shoes for Town. Although technically at his workplace (the Universe) and occasionally popping into London, the only satisfactory solution the team could come up with was that his shoes should magically change colour according to where he is, thereby never risking a broach of etiquette. Black Dr Marten brogues was not an alternative suggestion.

Furthermore, the Doctor isn’t wearing a tie. At least Matt Smith had the decency to wear a bow tie, although there were whisperings that it may have been a pre-tied one.


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