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Doctor Who BootIn its haste to trumpet the arrival of the twelfth Time Lord, the BBC made a huge howler by attributing most of his items of clothing to the wrong manufacturer.

As reported by The Chap in good faith, having sourced its information from the usually reliable diktats released by Auntie, the Doctor’s boots were believed to have been provided by Dr Marten. Now, following more detailed research by the Daily Telegraph (who had also reported the footwear inaccurately) it turns out that the Doctor’s black brogue boots, with a very similar sole to a Dr Marten, are in actual fact a joint production by Loake and the British Boot Company.

The British Boot Company’s owner, Nicholas Roumana, devised the boot worn by the Doctor in conjunction with Loake, another British footwear company with a reputation for excellence, based as they are in Northampton, the home of British shoemaking. Peter Capaldi chose the boots himself, making a personal visit to the British Boot Company shop in Camden, London, just before Christmas last year.

Dr Marten, once a noble British shoemaker, now produces most of its boots in Asia under venture capital company Permira. The standard of manufacture is reputed to have significantly slipped since production ceased in the UK.

The BBC also misreported the origins of the Doctor’s coat, which they described as being made by Crombie. While the coat is indeed cut in the Crombie style, the Crombie Company claims they did not make it nor supply it to the BBC.

However, at least the BBC are allowing its cast members to purchase British-made attire, rather than outsourcing the manufacture of Harris Tweed jackets to China, as they did with the last Doctor: BBC-dresses-Doctor-in-Chinese-Tweed


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