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Mr B in the TelegraphThe Daily Telegraph has reported a curious affiliation by Education Secretary Michael Gove for the works of Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer.

It seems that Mr. Gove, when asked by another newspaper to name his favourite musical artistes, professed to being “strangely addicted to chap hop rappers Professor Elemental, Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer and Mr Bruce and the Correspondents.” The confession was immediately viewed by journalists as a deliberate attempt to make himself sound rather “with-it”, until they realised just how difficult it is to become acquainted with the works of said chap hop artistes.

Being an aficionado of chap hop requires one to attend concerts in dingy basement clubs in Brighthelmstone and attend small, poorly run festivals in other disreputable seaside towns; these are not the sorts of places one expects a member of the Cabinet to frequent. However, The Telegraph pointed out, perhaps Mr. Gove’s interest in Mr. B’s work was more of a dig at his upper class chumrades in the Cabinet. Mr. B’s They Don’t Allow Rappers in the Bullingdon Clubpours scorn on Mr. Cameron, Mr. Osborne and Boris Johnson.

Mr. Gove, the adopted son of an Aberdeen fish processor, has previously criticised the “preposterous” number of Old Etonians in David Cameron’s inner circle, stating that “a similar concentration of privilege running the country does not exist in any other developed economy.” All of this can only lead one to conclude that Mr. Gove’s professed musical tastes are genuine, for a spin doctor would never have recommended he pretend to like such contentious music. He would instead, like Gordon Brown, have been told to say he likes the Arctic Monkeys.


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