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Peaky BlindersAs Season 3 of Peaky Blinders gets under way, so the nation’s fervour for dressing like dapper 1920s Brummie gangsters returns.

But don’t expect to walk into Top Man and find a rail of Peaky Blinders clothing (actually do, but it’ll be rubbish). Heed our advice, and you will easily assemble an outfit that Tommy Shelby would be happy to spatter with blood.

The most distinctive feature that sets apart the Peaky Blinders from other chaps of the early 20th century is the lack of neckwear. Only Arthur Shelby is ever seen sporting neckwear, usually a bow tie. His brother Tommy and the rest of the gang all wear striped granddad shirts with white separate collars, held in place with a brass collar stud. This is where we begin our recommendations: get the shirt and collar from www.darcyclothing.com, who actually supplied the ones worn in the series. The collar worn by Tommy Shelby is an ‘Arundel’, though in season 3 he has switched to an ‘Albany.’ The shirt is a striped Tunic shirt, also from www.darcyclothing.com. Make sure you buy the shirt with the right collar size for you, then the collar in half a size larger than the shirt, and a set of collar studs, which were all supplied to the Peaky Blinders cast by Darcy Clothing.

Headwear is naturally very important to the Peaky Blinders, whose name comes from the razor blade-filled baker boy caps they wear. These are made by, among others, Christies, City Sport and Olney, and are available from outlets such as www.hatsandcaps.co.uk. The one to look for has eight sections and is made of grey Donegal Tweed.

For the suit, it will be difficult to replicate Tommy Shelby’s grey herringbone three-piece without going to a bespoke tailor. With warmer weather coming, a cotton version of the trousers, with matching waistcoat, can be acquired, again, from www.darcyclothing.com

Being rough-hewn working-class types who spend a lot of time walking on cobblestones, the shoes worn by the Peaky Blinders are sturdy leather boots. A British company such as www.hudsonshoes.com has many work-style black boots, which will complete your Peaky Blinders outfit.


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