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Our new sartorial columnist Henry ‘Blowers’ Blofeld features in our Winter 17 edition, published on 17th November 2017. Read an excerpt below, and watch Blowers’ instructional videos at


It has come to my notice that there are strange people who consider the wearing a conventional dinner jacket and black tie to be boring. These are clearly people who not only have no sense of style, but no imagination as well. A dinner jacket and black tie is devilish stylish, both on its own and as a background for further adventures.
The chic-est dinner jacket – never Dinner suit, please – has to be a bespoke creation. A perfectly tailored dinner jacket and trousers always stand out as an icon of fashion. The creases, the black shining silk lapels, the braid down the trouser legs speak for themselves, and can instantly turn any of us into a James Bond creation.
Then comes the crisp white or creamy shirt with the double cuffs, which must protrude for three-quarters of an inch beyond each of the two cuffs. This is so important and is a crucial part of elegance when wearing any kind of suit. Shirt cuffs need to be seen. There are also the studs that replace the buttons on a dress shirt. They add great distinction to the whole picture.
The black tie should be a big, wide butterfly and not one of those ghastly jobs that look like a wide shoelace. Most important of all, this tie must be tied by your own fair hand. No one who wears a made-up bow tie will even get through to the second round in an elegance contest. Another crucially important addition to the picture is a pair of shining patent leather black shoes. With all these things in place, you are well and truly in the frame.

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