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With all this talk of “Austerity Britain” and the economic situation making a trip to Tesco seem as expensive and unappealing as a visit to Dubai, it is only natural that we should return to the notion of “growing our own”. Allotments, once the preserve of gentle old men with turnips dropping out of their trousers, are now littered with healthy young folk in need of sustainable sustenance. But the eternal dilemma remains: what to wear when tilling the soil? Land Girl kit would seem the obvious choice, with its combination of a stylish yet durable outfit that can withstand the rigours of both allotment and parade ground.
But ladies of the land, beware: you may attract the attentions of Army chaps on leave, eager to try out the exotic condiments they’ve purchased abroad.

MODELS: Tiffany Tondut, Louise Taylor, Samantha Langlois, Simon Hawkins, Damian Heal
STYLIST: Samantha Doty
THANKS TO: Richard and Irene at the allotments, Tristan and Katherine Langlois

Britches & HoesLouise wears:
Women’s Land Army (WLA) issue hat
WLA issue corduroy breeches
WLA issue shirt and tie
WLA issue woollen pullover
Reproduction large woollen socks
1903 pattern leather belt
Plain brown leather shoes

Britches & HoesTiffany wears:
1930s cotton britches
WLA issue shirt
Reproduction woollen knitted vest (based upon 1940s original)
Reproduction large woollen socks
1903 pattern leather belt
Plain brown leather shoes
1940s headscarf

Britches & HoesSamantha wears:
WLA issue dungarees
WWI WLA issue smock coat – need to confirm this with Sam
WLA issue armlet
Reproduction large woollen socks
Plain brown leather shoes and black Wellington boots
1940s headscarf

Britches & HoesDamian wears –
1937 pattern battledress and forage cap
1940s collarless shirt
Home Guard issue gaiters
RN deck boots
Thompson M1928A1 Submachine gun


Britches & HoesSimon wears –
1937 pattern battledress and forage cap
1930s collarless pullover shirt
Home Guard issue gaiters and webbing
Ammo boots
Lee Enfield SMLE rifle with magazine cut-off

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