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Lady Eccentrik

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At this year’s Chap Olympiad in July, Lady Eccentrik won our best-dressed
female award and agreed to answer some questions for us 

Photograph by Soulstealer Photography
What were you wearing on the day of the Chap Olympiad? 

Original 1940s dressing robe, printed in a vibrant
pattern of bright cornflower blue daisies with maize yellow centres, jewel green foliage and posies of poppy-red blossoms. I accessorised it with elegant ladies’ cream dress gloves with baby-soft leather and a really thin lining. I believe they’re from the 50s or 60s. I styled my hair in a Marcel wave. My gorgeous full fluffy fur stole with a hint of off-white and brown markings brought the overall look together.

Can you tell us where you acquired each item? 

The dress was from Etsy, the gloves eBay. Hair styled by me and I purchased the fur stole at The Market Cartel in Hackney.

What was your reaction to being voted best-dressed lady at the Chap Olympiad? 

I was absolutely shocked! I wasn’t aware that there would be such an award, so when I heard the announcement I was really surprised, happy and honoured to be recognised for my fashion style, as this is something that I hold closely to my heart.

Was it your first Chap Olympiad?  

This was the first time I attended the event. I absolutely loved every minute of it, the welcoming atmosphere, the different themes and showcases. I was in vintage heaven; it really exceeded my expectations; so far it has been the best event of the year I have attended.

Were you impressed by the clothing worn by the other guests?  

Impressed! I felt like I was in a dream in vintage heaven; everyone made such an effort, the different looks were inspiring.

Were the men as careful in their clothing as the women? 

Yes, I think the men surprised me the most, they really pulled out all the stops and brought the missing piece to complete the vintage puzzle.

Is there anywhere else you go where people are as well dressed as at the Chap Olympiad? 

Yes, there is a great vintage scene in the UK; all the vintage events I’ve been to so far people are often well dressed. However what I must highlight is that the Chap Olympiad was a cut above the rest!

Do you mainly buy vintage, or also new brands? 

I have embraced everything vintage, from my house to the car I am aspiring to… I’m just vintage crazy!
I also buy some new brands that have a vintage feel.

How much of your lifestyle goes beyond the clothes? Do you have other vintage elements to your life? 

I spend most of my free time shopping, exploring trends, finding bargains and most of all bringing my vision to life. I hope to own a 1942 Chevrolet, and I’ve started slowly to convert my home into a vintage style, drawing inspiration from the 20s and 30s.

Who are your sartorial inspirations from the past?  

To specifically name a name, I can’t. I just love mid-century fashion, so anyone who was stylish back then would have inspired me at some point. It could be that I came across them whilst researching the fashion of that time or looking through old fashion pictures.

Is there anyone around today whose clothing you admire?  

Honestly there are too many to mention, but Dita Von Teese is one of my style icons.

What do you do for a living?  

I run an entertainment company, Entertainment Soul. We focus on developing artists; we’re currently working with reggae artist Nesbeth.

Do you dress glamorously for your job?  

Vintage styling has become a way of life for me. I have a range of vintage looks covering the spectrum of attire. I wear vintage styles around the clock.


Instagram: @ladyeccentrikb

Facebook: Lady Eccentrik B

Twitter: @EccentrikB

The Chap was founded in 1999 and is the longest-serving British magazine dedicated to the gentlemanly way of life, with its own quirky, satirical take on a style that has recently entered the mainstream.

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