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As the profligate season of merriment approaches, disguised as a religious festival, so Chaps scratch their heads and wonder: what could my sophisticated chums possibly want with all this tat and tinsel pouring off the shelves in department stores? Innovative drinks company Drinks by the Dram has come up with a novel solution, which combines a traditional celebration of the 24 days of Advent with the equally traditional consumption of the finest spirit in the world, namely gin.
Each of the 24 perforated windows in this Gin Advent Calendar contains a mystery double sample of gin, steering well clear of the familiar brands and widening one’s expert palette with the introduction of some peculiar new gin innovations, both from Britain and elsewhere. From the traditional recipes of Bathtub’s Old Tom and Navy Strength Gins, through to the gins from places normally associated with other spirits – Edinburgh, the Cotswolds, Brooklyn (Brooklyn? Surely that’s in America?), and rounding off with some cleverly-infused concoctions that include violet, rhubarb, Seville orange and even copper.
There could be no finer way for a chap to commence each day in December than by extricating one of the wax-sealed little bottles and pouring himself a discreet G&T, in order to fortify himself against the immense shopping spree that constitutes the festive season.

The Gin Advent Calendar is available in Fortnum & Mason, Waitrose, Harvey Nichols and online from

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