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Sunday 16th June is the Day of the Dad, when fathers across the land emerge from whatever wooden building they spend the rest of the year hiding in, to be showered with gifts from their offspring. We’ve all seen that look on pater’s face when he unwraps the hoe you bought him from the garden centre – a look that quite clearly expresses “It’s the wrong kind of hoe.”
It would be far better to give the old grouch something that he might not have thought of himself, but when he reads it, will realise he has been waiting for all his life. That gift is, of course, a subscription to The Chap. We are offering a full half-price on Father’s Day subscriptions, costing you just £14.99 for a year’s worth of quarterly Chap Magazines, instead of the usual price of £30.00. And this year pater will benefit even more than ever before, for the first issue he’ll receive will be the spectacular 100th edition, with Terry-Thomas, Leslie Phillips, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, plus countless other features – including one on birding – that are guaranteed to appeal to the man you call Father, Pater, Papa or simply “You raffish old bounder.”
Take out a gift subscription from our Subscriptions Page using code FDAY2019
Please select any issue as your start issue – all customers taking up this offer will automatically be sent the current 100th edition as the first in their subscription.

The Chap was founded in 1999 and is the longest-serving British magazine dedicated to the gentlemanly way of life, with its own quirky, satirical take on a style that has recently entered the mainstream.

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