Gustav Temple


Gustav Temple has been the editor of The Chap Magazine since 1999, as well as the author of six books, including The Chap Manifesto (2001), Cooking for Chaps (2014) and How to Be Chap (2016). His quest is to rid the world of pantaloons de Nimes, middle-aged men dressed as teenagers and general uncouth behaviour. 

Liam Jefferies


Liam Jefferies is the Chap’s Sartorial Editor, in charge of exploring new brands, trends and rediscoveries of forgotten gentlemanly fashions. Liam’s expert knowledge covers the dark heart of Savile Row to the preppy eccentricities of Ivy Leaguers. You can follow him on Instagram @sartorialchap.

Darcy Sullivan


Darcy Sullivan writes about comic books, aesthetes and algorithms. His articles have appeared in The Comics Journal, The Wildean and Weird Fiction Review. He is a proud member of the Oscar Wilde Society and the curator of the Facebook pages ‘The Pictures of Dorian Gray’ and ‘I am Mordecai’.

Olly Smith


Olly Smith is an award-winning wine writer and broadcaster. He has been named International Wine and Spirits Communicator of the Year, Drinks Writer of the Year at the 2017 & 2016 Great British Food Awards and the UK’s Drinks Ambassador to China. He is the wine columnist for The Mail on Sunday, regular on BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen and presenter on BBC Radio 2. Olly hosts his own drinks podcast

Tom Cutler


Tom Cutler is the author of The Pilot Who Wore a Dress, The Gentleman’s Bedside Companion and Slap and Tickle. One of his early employments was as ghostwriter for Cardinal Hume. Tom is a practising magician and member of the Magic Circle and has an exemplary moustache at all times. 

Sunday Swift


Sunday Swift (The Dandy Doctor) writes on Dandyism, gender, popular culture and the gothic. Her writing has appeared in academic journals such as Gothic Studies and in popular books on cult television. She is currently working on a book about Dandies in television and film. Twitter @dandy_lio

Ferris Newton


Ferris Newton is a parapsychological investigator, explorer and pigeon fancier. His interest in political systems has led him to the belief that gentlemen with anarcho-dandyist tendencies can learn from fringe political movements such as the Fabian Society, the Monster Raving Loony party and the LibDems. 

Olivia Bullock


Olivia Bullock is an illustrator with a fascination for obscure youth tribes and musical genres. She is the Chap’s expert on snappily dressed youth movements from around the world. Each issue, she will be turning her expert eye on another group of dandies whose brief existence fully deserves to be celebrated.

Rupert Bell


Rupert Bell is The Chap’s resident butler, who also performs butling services for other gentlemen, as well as devoting considerable amounts of his time to attending vintage events. Mr. Bell is always to be seen at the Chap Olympiad, carrying cumbersome items such as cigarette lighters and winners’ cravats. 

David Evans


David Evans is a former lawyer and teacher who founded popular sartorial blog Grey Fox Blog five years ago. The blog has become extremely widely read by chaps all over the world, who seek advice on dressing properly and retaining an eye for style when entering the autumn of their lives.

Jock Rawlings


Jock Rawlings is a flaneur, boulevardier and man-about-town in St Leonards-On-Sea, where he is usually the only gentleman wearing a three-piece tweed suit on the promenade in the middle of July. His fascination with the extreme activities and wagers of Edwardian gentlemen has practically turned him into one.

Holly Rose Swinyard


Holly Rose Swinyard is a cub reporter and fashion experimentalist. In between hosting sci-fi podcasts, Holly writes and speaks about contemporary revolutionary ideas such as gender equality and a post-gender society, along with the equally important topics of clothes and costumes.


Richard Burdett is a Parish Councillor, Royal Naval Reservist and Scout Leader with a passion for the out-of-doors only matched by his passion for wearing suitable corduroy legwear supported by barathea braces. He is to be found foraging for mushrooms, sawing up fallen tress and maintining a hive of bees.