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  1. I enjoyed your article on Guy Debord. Forgive me but I’d never heard of him before, though when I mentioned him to a fellow chap, he had. Lively discussions on the subject have since taken place between us, which can be attributed to the impetus provided by your article.
    Debord seemed to think that the Spectacle had arisen in the early part of the twentieth century, and some might say the idea is more relevant now than ever. Yet I wonder if, even in pre-industrial societies, there has always been a Spectacle? Perhaps marketing strategies were a bit different then, but I wonder if there’s always been this illusion, this distorted presentation of reality, being put before us? I can imagine the citizens of Ancient Greece, and of Rome, and of that quaint little muddy village in the Dark Ages, all having their own slightly skewed perspectives of reality- perspectives every bit as limited as our own, despite the absence of television screens and billboards in their world?
    Any, I’d better go – before I make a Spectacle of myself, as it were.
    Keep up the good work.

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