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grand flaneur walk

The Fourth Grand Flaneur Walk

2024’s saunter sans purpose also marks 25 years of The Chap Magazine. This year sees two very special milestones for The Chap Magazine. We mark our Silver Jubilee, having first published in 1999, and we shall sally forth on the fourth Grand Flaneur Walk on Sunday 28th April 2024. Assembling as usual at midday beside… … Keep Reading

scala cinema

Attack of the 50-Foot Screen

Gustav Temple enjoys the immersive nature of a new documentary about London’s notorious Scala Cinema. One of the memories that captures the essence of my mispent youth is of staggering out of the Scala Cinema at dawn, coming down from a cocktail of cheap speed and cornershop whisky, and bumping into a similarly dishevelled Shane… … Keep Reading


CHAP Winter 23

The new edition is spearheaded by chap-hop superstar Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer. In his first full-length interview with The Chap, Mr. B expounds on his early years in the ghetto of East Cheam, Surrey, where he gained twin passions for British sitcoms such as Hancock’s Half Hour and rockabilly music, before being turned on… … Keep Reading

chap book
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Chap Books

New addition to our online store purveys books directly and indirectly proceeding from The Chap stable. In the beginning, The Chap was a slim pamphlet only available in strange little bookshops that have since closed down or become chain stores. Once the publication began reaching the attention of more than a handful of peculiar people,… … Keep Reading

  • peaky blinders

    Paul Anderson

    Paul Anderson, who plays Arthur Shelby in Peaky Blinders, spoke to Gustav Temple during the filming of Season 4, about… Keep Reading

  • house of the dragon

    Paddy Considine Interview

    Chris Sullivan meets the Midlands-born actor who has played gritty characters in British indie films, television goodies and baddies and,… Keep Reading

  • max raabe

    Max Raabe

    Marie de Winter and Ferdinand Sturm meet the German singer to chat about his ideas on good style, tame zebras… Keep Reading

  • john blashford-snell

    John Blashford-Snell

    Gustav Temple meets the legendary explorer whose adventures have taken him across all seven continents, as well as into the… Keep Reading

  • damon hill

    Damon Hill

    Gustav Temple meets the former Formula 1 world champion racing driver, to discuss his father Graham Hill, playboy racers, handlebar… Keep Reading

  • valerie leon

    Valerie Leon

    Gustav Temple meets the actress once described as ‘the English Raquel Welch’, who appeared in the Carry On films, episodes… Keep Reading

  • jason-watkins

    Jason Watkins Interview

    Gustav Temple meets the actor whose wide range of roles has included forensic pathologists, serial killer biographers, editors of national… Keep Reading


  • brideshead-revisited

    Overlook Revisited

    The Chap descended on a former convent near St Albans with a curious connection to Stanley Kubrick to re-enact scenes… Keep Reading

  • What Katie Did

    A stocking for every occasion? Well, they haven’t yet brought out a Tweed Seam (The Chap will be the first… Keep Reading

  • Dashing Tweeds

    Dashing Tweeds make fabulous, flamboyant tweeds that fuse great British workmanship with innovative design and dandiacal flair. Neil Ridley and… Keep Reading

  • Peaky Blinders Chap Photoshoot

    Peaky Blinders

    The Chap took some semi-professional models and clothing supplied by Darcy Clothing and Some Like it Holy to create our… Keep Reading

  • Laird Hatters

    Laird Hatters

    Laird Hatters supply the more fashionable parts of London with sterling bowlers, Fedoras, trilbies, Homburgs, Baker Boy Caps and many… Keep Reading

  • Earl of Bedlam

    Earl of Bedlam

    In issue 94 we took to the streets of Lambeth to photograph the clothes made by local bespoke tailor Earl… Keep Reading


Bohemian Paris

I still find the Eurostar really rather wonderful. You get on a train at St. Pancras and alight some two hours later at Le Gare Du Nord into a different world, where the attitudes, tastes, smells, people and culture are as different from London as sand is to salt. Undeniably, it is quite an anomalous… … Keep Reading

The Chap Travels/The Chap Travels

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

From the eleventh floor balcony of a hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the horizon flashing with lightning, brassy wisps of Mariachi music wafting up from somewhere through the heat of the night, was the sense that we were definitely in Mexico. It had taken nearly 20 hours to reach this moment of Mexican awareness, though… … Keep Reading

The Chap Travels/The Chap Travels

Rajasthan, India

On a recent trip to Rajasthan, I discovered that not only does India possess its famous wealth of history and architecture, but it is also one of the most natural habitats for the travelling Chap. My journey took me first to Delhi, only nine hours away by plane but, as soon as you land, the… … Keep Reading

Get Tweed. Wear Tweed. Drive.

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Earlier this year, three brave, intrepid and immaculately attired chaps set off on an epic 3,000 mile journey across the Indian Subcontinent. This might not sound so remarkable, with today’s efficient transport methods, except that these foolhardy fellows relied not on rail, motor car or internet transfer, but that vehicle in which gentlemen generally move…

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Not Really Made in England

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Soho tailor Tony Lutwyche has launched a sartorial campaign to stop manufacturers labelling products ‘Made in England’ when they have really been made abroad. He plans to petition 10 Downing Street and demands the Government acts quickly to protect the standards and integrity of English tailoring, and other goods, by prohibiting any product not made…

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Lithuanian Premier Fined for Smoking Pipe

in News by

The Prime Minister of Lithuania, Gediminas Kirkilas, has been issued a fine for smoking his pipe in a public place. After enjoying a few lungfuls of heady Latakia in a bar in the Baltic Sea port town of Klaipeda, he apologised to the owner, saying, “I’m to blame for this. I simply forgot that we…

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