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The Chap was founded in 1999 and is the longest-serving British magazine dedicated to the gentlemanly way of life, with its own quirky, satirical take on a style that has recently entered the mainstream.
McDermott & McGough

Anachronists in the USA

Nathaniel Adams: Our message,” says Peter McGough, “is about history and time and the trap of the calendar.” Since the 1970s, McGough and his partner David McDermott have been living in the past. Under the name McDermott and McGough, they have been making art – painting, performance, film, photography – about time. In those early… … Keep Reading


It’s just not Cricket!

Steve Pittard: Charters and Caldicott, two cricket obsessed English gents, stole the show in Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes. Cinema audiences chortled at the whimsical badinage between the bluff heavy-set Basil Radford (Charters) and dapper mild-mannered Naunton Wayne (Caldicott ). Their marvellous rapport owed to inspired casting, as the chaps had only met once before, appropriately… … Keep Reading

Patricia Hammond

Neapolitan Nights

Neapolitan Nights – Patricia Hammond and Matt Redman 2013 Patricia Hammond, the silky-voiced singer often described as the Canadian Nightingale, familiar to readers of The Chap as the singer with headline act Albert Ball’s Flying Aces at the Grand Anarcho-Dandyist Ball last December, has recorded an exclusive track for The Chap, to coincide with her… … Keep Reading


Highest Recorded Reading of The Chap

A team of scientists working on Mount Everest has broken the world record for the highest altitude reading of The Chap. Dr. Martin, Dr. Hennis, Dr. Smedley, Dr. Vercueil, Dr. Couppis, Mr. Horscroft and Captain Carroll sent us this photograph of a reading of The Chap at South Base Camp in Nepal, at an altitude… … Keep Reading

Chap Olympiad

Date Confirmed For Ninth Chap Olympiad

The long-anticipated announcement of the date of this year’s Chap Olympiad – which can now return to its original title of The Chap Olympics without risk of being hauled before the now non-existent British Olympic Committee – has come: Saturday 13th July in Bedford Square Gardens, London. This year’s incarnation of this stunning attempt by… … Keep Reading

Charters and Caldicott

The Gentlemen Vanish

Hot on the heels of the Jimmy Saville scandal, writes Steve Pittard, the BBC has committed another dreadful faux pax, by axing Charters and Caldicott from their new production of The Lady Vanishes. In the original 1938 Hitchcock film, elderly rail traveller Miss Froy disappears, but the biggest mystery in this new production, due to… … Keep Reading


Abercrombie & Fitch’s Savile Row Plans Scuppered

American teen wear retailer Abercrombie & Fitch is facing further setbacks in its absurd attempt to open a children’s store on Savile Row. Their latest application to Westminster Council was described as “deeply flawed” by one council official. The sections of the plans objected to by the council centre around Abercrombie & Fitch wishing to… … Keep Reading

Prince Charles Tailor

Prince Charles’s First Visit to Tailor in 30 Years

The Prince of Wales has paid his first visit to his tailor for 30 years. Since becoming a client in 1982, the Prince has been measured and fitted at Clarence House by Mr. Hitchcock, Anderson & Sheppard’s chief cutter. The Prince likes to see Mr. Hitchcock soon after eight in the morning, “Then it’s not… … Keep Reading

Sir Patrick Moore

Rest in Space, Sir Patrick Moore

England’s best-loved and most eccentric astronomer, Sir Patrick Moore, has died aged 89 at his home in Sussex. Much loved for his enthusiastic delivery and extra curricular activities, which included playing the xylophone, writing children’s stories and composing operas, Sir Patrick was involved with BBC television’s The Sky at Night for over 55 years, and… … Keep Reading

David Cameron

Prime Minister Pops Out of Starched Shirt

At the Lord Mayor’s Banquet in the Guildhall in London, Prime Minister David Cameron got so carried away with his speech about the financial services industry that he popped all the studs on his boiled front shirt. “Yes, some utterly terrible mistakes were made and they need to be addressed properly so they can never… … Keep Reading

James Bond

James Bond Sorts Out Razor Prices

The soaring cost of modern cartridge-based shaving has been debated in the House of Commons. Three members of the DUP criticized the price of men’s razor blade cartridges in an Early Day Motion, stating that “the exorbitant increase in the retail price of men’s razor blade cartridges means that in three years the price has… … Keep Reading

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