CHAP Spring 21

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Josephine Baker: Chris Sullivan on the exotic dancer who took Paris by storm in 1925 and went on to serve the nation as a Resistance agent during WWII
Anna May Wong: Sunday Swift’s dandizette tribute to the first Chinese actress to break into Hollywood
Get The Look: How to achieve the Roaring Twenties wardrobe
Andrew Wilson: Gustav Temple meets Patricia Highsmith’s first and foremost biographer
Pharaohs and Flappers: John and Colleen Darnell assess the impact of ancient Egypt on the fashions and interiors of the 1920s
1920s V 2020s: How do the third decades of each troubled century compare?
Risky Whisky: Single Malt whiskies from everywhere except Scotland
Adjustable Costume: We meet Kazuki Kodaka, doyen of Japanese menswear brand with an eye on the 1920s
Eric Ravilious: A walk around Sussex to discover the landscape of British Modernism’s leading man
The Marx Brothers: The impact of the zany New York siblings and their enduring influence on cinema
Author Interview: Alexander Larman meets Lisa Hilton to ask whether she is a femme fatale like her subjects
Boheme Sauvage: Our German correspondents rush into the nightlife of the 1920s in 2020s Berlin
Bright Young City: Chris Sullivan on how the end of WWI and the Spanish Flu pandemic caused the birth of nightclub culture in London
Jake’s Thing: Liam Jefferies meets the tailor bringing Ivy stylings into the 21st century
Cooking For Chaps: Don’t be scared of the soufflé, says Nicole Drysdale
The Chap Tarot: Pandora Harrison’s continuing series on gaining insight and enlightenment, Chap style
Hotels: a User’s Guide: Torquil Arbuthnot explains the various types of hotel, from the seedy to the ostentatious
Talking Pictures TV: Sarah Cronin-Stanley on the TV channel she launched with her father that now reaches 3.5 million viewers
Grey Fox Column: David Evans compares 1920s fashion with the 2020s
Clare Bradley: Minerva Miller meets 2020’s British Sewing Bee champion
Antiques: The history of Bakelite and how it came to dominate fashion in the 1920s
Bertram Fiddle: The weird world of Seb Burnett and his chappish video game
Sartorial Lockdown: Photographic evidence of the effects of lockdown on readers’ wardrobes
Plus: Ask The Chap, Book Reviews, Crossword