Issue #102

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Interview: Vic Reeves, interviewed by Tony Pitts
Marilyn Monroe: The dandyism of the Hollywood legend
Kevin Rowland: Chris Sullivan discusses the Dexys frontman’s entire career
Travel: The Chappish delights of Malta
Trubshawe!: The mysterious man who David Niven name-checked in all his films
Horst P Horst: Chris Sullivan on the photographer of style
Grey Fox Column: David Evans delves into warm winter overcoats
Shaun Gordon, Tiemaker: A meeting with the dapper neckwear specialist
Travel – Mexico: Gustav Temple searches for Richard Burton’s bridge
Fashion Photo Shoot: Kevin Rowland in a small selection from his vast wardrobe
Olly Smith: Olly pens a letter to a labrador inspired by a fine Amontillado
Peacocks & Magpies: Peter Gosbee and John Minns advise on the purchase of military antiques
Birding: Nick Ostler’s Winter birds and the Hastings Rarities scandal
Mason & Sons: The tailor recreating Bond suits in John Lennon’s old house
Diehl Marcus & Co: The Los Angeles curiosity shop celebrates one year of trading
Daisy Dunn: Alexander Larman meets the prolific young historian
Errol Flynn: Chris Sullivan on the swashbuckling raconteur
The Chap Dines: The Bingham, Richmond
New World Cigars: Sophia Coningsby samples some rivals to the Cuban cigar
‘Legs’ Larry Smith: The Bonzo Dog Band’s drummer on the band’s recent fight to keep their name
DVD Reviews: Pre-Python outing Do Not Adjust Your Set
Grooming: A visit to Captain Fawcett’s Marvellous Barbershop Museum
Plus: Am I Goodwood?, House of Paine, Crossword