Issue #105

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Martin Freeman: Chris Sullivan discusses mods, clothes and music with the actor
Tom Simpson: Gustav Temple on the dramatic end to the champion cyclist’s career in the 1967 Tour de France
Scott Simpson: We encounter the talented Mr. Simpson to discuss his Riviera-influenced menswear collection
Tiger Bay Blues: How the music of the Caribbean entered Britain via the taverns of Butetown, Cardiff
Sartorial Thug: The new diary column from a socially intolerant coddiwompler
Stetson Hats: The iconic brand’s creative director on how he put the romance back into hats
British Beer: Olly Smith advises on the best ales to order from home
Fly Fishing: Sophia Coningsby’s tips on what to smoke while fishing
Palm Beach Style: The short and happy life of casual beach wear in the 1950s
Extreme Butling: Mr. Gimpley-Spankworth advises on sartorial and etiquette matters
Author Interview: Alexander Larman on The Crown in Crisis, his book about the abdication of Edward VIII
Dandizette: Unravelling the mythology of Kate Moss via the writings of Honore de Balzac
Sartorial Oddities: A Russian Constructivist jumpsuit, a latex three-piece and the ‘Sophistisandal’
Tom Carradine: An interview with the Cockney Singalong ivory-tickler
CC41: How the Utility Clothing created during WWII went on to define the 40s silhouette
The Chap Tarot: Pandora Harrison’s continuing series on gaining insight and enlightenment, Chap style
Community Clothing: Patrick Grant’s altruistic drive to save British manufacturing
Tequila: A new premium tequila that removes it from the gun belts of suburban cantinas
A History of Men’s Grooming: From brilliantined locks to waxed moustachios
The Captain’s Lip Weasel: The results of our moustache competition, judged by Captain Fawcett’s Right Hand Man
Antiques: Numismatic insights for antique coin collectors
Launer: The company that makes exemplary billfolds and handbags for the Queen
Get The Look: The Hep Cat
Plus: Am I Chap?, Book Reviews, Crossword