Issue #100

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Interview: Leslie Phillips, interviewed by Chris Sullivan
Terry-Thomas: The life and career of the bounder plus an interview with his niece
History of The Chap: Gustav Temple is interrogated on the last 20 years
Humphrey Bogart: The superior style of the Hollywood icon
Dandizette: The Doctor of Dandyism on Lauren Bacall
Sebastian Horsley: Alexander Larman pays homage to the dandy
Future Nostalgia: Fashion influenced by the past
Ben Schott: A meeting with the miscellanist and PG Wodehouse homagiste
The History of Savile Row: A stroll along the home of bespoke tailoring
Fashion Photo Shoot: The best-dressed Chaps and Chapettes
Olly Smith: The 100 Best Things about Drinking
Peacocks & Magpies: Peter Gosbee and John Minns visit a tobacco emporium
Birding: Nick Ostler on how he was ‘imprinted’
A Sartorial Primer: Liam Jefferies ensures you’ve been paying attention
Apocalyptic Fashion: What we’ll all be wearing in the Thunderdome
Straw Boater: Matt Deckard keeps cool in LA
Grey Fox Column: David Evans on living the analogue life
The Chap Dines: We pay a visit to Kaspars at the Savoy
JP Donleavy: The Irish-American literary legend interviewed
Laurie Cunningham: Soccer player/dancer/soul boy legend
Travel – Paris: Chris Sullivan visits the city of lights
Chap to the Future: The influence of Chap style on popular culture
Plus: Am I Chap?, News of Chap 20th Anniversary Party, Crossword