Issue #104

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Honor Blackman: Gustav Temple’s tribute to the late actress
Fritz Lang: Chris Sullivan on the monocled dystopian filmmaker
Anna Karina: Actress and muse to Jean-Luc Godard
Travel: A tour of Federico Fellini’s Rome, as featured in La Dolce Vita
Sartorial Thug: The new diary column from a socially intolerant coddiwompler
Grey Fox Column: David Evans recommends European brands
The Best Pub in the World: Olly Smith crosses the Irish sea with a great thirst
Cigars: Sophia Coningsby advises on keeping a well-stocked humidor
Euro Dandies: A selection of dapper chaps from across the Continent
Extreme Butling: Mr. Gimpley-Spankworth advises on sartorial and etiquette matters
Hungarian Dandyism: How Budapest is catching up with Paris and Rome on the sartorial front
Author Interview: Alexander Larman meets louche New Statesman columnist Nicholas Lezard
Sartorial Lockdown: Reader’s novel ways of maintaining decorum during self-isolation
Tamara de Lempicka: The Polish art deco artist and cocaine addict
Spanish Dandyism: From eccentric Iberian 19th century counts to modern-day matadors
The Chap Tarot: We create a new deck for those who seek arcane insight
Geoff Stocker: Dressing gowns and pocket squares inspired by mediaeval art
Transylvania: A visit to Bucharest and a tour of Dracula’s various castles
The Chap Dines: Restaurants – remember those?
Birding: Nick Ostler turns his binoculars to European species
Lockdown Lip Weasel: The results of our moustache-growing competition
Beat The Devil: John Huston’s noir parody with Humphrey Bogart and Gina Lollobrigida
European Style: An exhaustive search for the dandies of the Rhineland
Get The Look: The Lounge Suit
Plus: Am I Chap?, Book Reviews, Crossword