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Published on July 17th, 2014

The Umbrella Shop Official suppliers of rain cover and jousting equipment to The Chap Olympiad, this formidable company deals in sturdy brollies of all prices by mail order only, thus maintaining competitive prices. Some of their brollies are aimed at commissionaires and doormen, but since these days a gentleman is often left to fend for himself outside his abode, he need look no further than this establishment for all his shower-protective requirements. www.theumbrellashop.co.uk

Swaine Adeney Brigg London’s celebrated maker of leather goods, umbrellas, hats and other luxury items started life as a whip maker in 1750, founded by John Ross, then acquired by James Swaine in 1798. Today they are still St James’s finest purveyor of high quality umbrellas, with prices slightly higher than in 1798. www.swaineadeneybrigg.com

James Smith & Sons Despite being one of the unfriendliest shops in Western civilisation, there is no denying James Smith & Sons’ rightful place in the history of London, and its beautiful store as one of the landmarks of what little remains of gentlemanly London outside of St James’s and Mayfair. www.james-smith.co.uk

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