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Trickers Shoes


Founded in 1829 by Joseph Tricker, R. E. Tricker Ltd is one of the longest established shoemakers in England. Having gained a reputation for producing footwear of superlative quality, in 1989 they were granted a Royal Warrant by HRH The Prince of Wales. Five generations later, Tricker’s is still a family-run operation. Each pair of … Keep Reading

Chap news Olympiad


Big changes are afoot in the world of Britain’s most popular gentlemen’s quarterly. For a start, we have a new web site, which you may have noticed. Be sure to pay us a visit regularly, for the idea is to provide plenty of online content for our readers, as well as sneak previews of the … Keep Reading

Am I Chap?

Major Blunder

Major Blunder probably thinks it is a matter of course that he is declared a Chap. And in one sense he is right – there is nothing intrinsically wrong about his clothing and his facial hair. It’s just that he looks like the sort of fellow who, one day, might turn a sleepy village in … Keep Reading

Reader Offers

WIN a Shelby Newsboy Cap

In association with Garrison Tailors, the clothing company founded by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight, The Chap is running a competition to win a Shelby Newsboy Cap made by said clothier. Garrison Tailors make all the elements of a men’s Peaky Blinder outfit, from two-piece suits, to waistcoats, to braces, undershirts and scarves, all based … Keep Reading

  • Paul Anderson

    Paul Anderson Interview

    Gustav Temple:  Your moustache is the only moustache in the entire cast of Peaky Blinders. We’re very interested in moustache… Keep Reading

  • Richard E Grant

    Richard E Grant

    Gustav Temple: This year marks 30 years since the release of Withnail and I. While you were filming, did you… Keep Reading

  • Stephen Fry

    Stephen Fry

    Actor, author, director, playwright, linguaphile, polymath, son of an inventor, educated at Queens College, Cambridge, and (ye Gods) almost born… Keep Reading

  • Fenella Fielding

    Fenella Fielding

    Michael “Atters” Attree: Fame is a very extraordinary thing. You can become famous for being the bodiless voice of margarine,… Keep Reading

  • Chris Eubank

    Chris Eubank

    Gustav Temple: What for you is the definition of a gentleman? A gentleman is a person who is considerate in… Keep Reading

  • Adam Ant

    Adam Ant

    Michael “Atters” Attree: Are you experimental with your facial hair? I am now. I have attempted to in the past,… Keep Reading

  • Brian Blessed

    Brian Blessed

    Michael “Atters” Attree: Let’s start with a few warm-up questions first. What’s your favourite tipple? It’s a funny one that… Keep Reading

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Chap Tile Pocket Square

For the third in our new series of pocket squares, designer Caroline Lindop has harked back to earlier Chap pocket squares by using a grid formation, but maintaining a strong art deco flavour by adding a geometric border and using the sorts of colours used on Pullman carriages in the 1930s. This, the boldest of … Keep Reading

Chap Tie

Chap Tie

The Chap Tie combines elements of Art Deco, the new Chap logo and one of our pocket square designs to produce what we feel is the perfect combination of colour, style and discreet anarcho-dandyism to adorn the neck of a gentleman. The Chap Tie is printed on pure silk and measures 58 x 3 3/4 … Keep Reading

Chap Cufflinks

Chap Lapel Badge

Our new version of the Chap logo has been turned into a lapel badge as well as a set of cufflinks. The badge is the ideal adornment for the lapel of a Chap, Chapette or any other human who wishes for the lapel of their jacket, coat or blazer to be enlivened by a circle … Keep Reading

Chap Cufflinks

The Chap Cufflinks

The new design Chap Cufflink features Caroline Lindop’s stylish rendering of our erstwhile Chap logo into a sleek new graphic with a slightly sinister edge. The cufflinks are of the T-bar variety and come in a smart black presentation box. They would make a valuable addition to any gentleman’s collection of cuff-fastenings, whether to display … Keep Reading



  • Peaky Blinders Chap Photoshoot

    Peaky Blinders

    The Chap took some semi-professional models and clothing supplied by Darcy Clothing and Some Like it Holy to create our… Keep Reading

  • Laird Hatters

    Laird Hatters

    Laird Hatters supply the more fashionable parts of London with sterling bowlers, Fedoras, trilbies, Homburgs, Baker Boy Caps and many… Keep Reading

  • Earl of Bedlam

    Earl of Bedlam

    In issue 94 we took to the streets of Lambeth to photograph the clothes made by local bespoke tailor Earl… Keep Reading

  • Steampunk

    All Steamed Up

    We’ve learned all about their peculiar belief system on pages 22-25, Issue 43, but now it is time to find… Keep Reading

  • Britches & Hoes

    Britches & Hoes

    With all this talk of “Austerity Britain” and the economic situation making a trip to Tesco seem as expensive and… Keep Reading

  • Ladies Smoking Pipes

    Ladies Smoking Pipes

    We sent photographer Nick Mann and a clutch of handsome ladies to answer that age-old conundrum: why do so few… Keep Reading

The Suits of Roger Moore

in Fashion/Features/Further Reading by
Roger Moore

Nick Guzan: Roger Moore may have only played James Bond on screen for twelve years (and, even at that, he’s the longest-serving 007 to date), but it was a role that he and his fans cherished for the rest of his life. Moore brought life into the Bond role, after a string of arguably uninspired performances in the later Sean Connery outings, who was tiring of the role he made famous, and Australian newbie George Lazenby. He also brought, for the first time, an individualistic sense of style that Moore himself had cultivated over his decades-long career. Moore was noted for…

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Eartha Kitt

in Features by
Eartha Kitt

Sunday Swift: Whether you know her from her singing songs like Santa Baby and Monotonous, or for her various roles in television, film and theatre, the name Eartha Kitt is associated with very specific images – and those images are usually tinged delightfully with camp. She imbued overt and even hyperbolic sexuality, with a slight but athletic figure, usually draped in an evening gown with a slit up to the top of her thigh, smouldering at the camera through irresistibly sultry eyes. Her performances were usually accompanied with cat-like growls and purring rolled r’s, making her the perfect actress to play…

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Mr. Erbil

in Features by
Mr Erbil

Elizabeth Fitt: Relaxing over shisha, at a cafe in the English Quarter of Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, the three founding members of Mr Erbil are all smiles and a reassuring grasp of the English language rare in these parts. Ahmed Nauzad, sports a rather fine navy vest (bottom button undone) with matching polka dot pocket handkerchief (Presidential Fold). Goran Pshtiwan and Omer Nihad are lower-key, in Italianate slacks and leather jackets. They sip black tea from small glasses. “We are never involved in religion or politics. We have many different religions in our gentlemen’s club – it doesn’t matter, we accept everyone,…

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The Rational Women

in Features by
Rational Women

Sara Harris: On April 5th 1899, a woman took the stand as star witness for the prosecution in Regina v Sprague at the Kingston Quarter Sessions. The previous October the woman had been on a cycling trip in Surrey. Arriving for lunch at The Hautboy Hotel in the village of Ockham she had been refused entry to the hotel coffee-room because she was clad in ‘rationals’. Offended by the landlady’s offer of catering in the (less salubrious) hotel bar parlour, the woman had promptly turned tail and left in disgust. Unfortunately for Martha Sprague, landlady of The Hautboy Hotel, her disgruntled…

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